Published on December 21st, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

Immersive Gamebox – the hottest new addition to Darling Harbour is officially open!

Launching in time for the summer holidays, Australia’s first Immersive Gamebox is now open!

Immersive Gamebox offers an unforgettable immersive gaming experience which is great for families and friends. It’s like VR, only without the bulky headsets which makes it more fun and social. Suitable for groups of 2-6 players, simply enter a Gamebox, pop on a visor and use your body as the controller.

There are currently 11 exciting augmented reality adventures, including Squid Game based on the hit Netflix show, Angry Birds, PAW Patrol, Shaun the Sheep, Ghostbusters, Ticket to Mars and the Alien Aptitude Test. There’s something for everyone – from young adults to families, corporate groups, and gamers.

Richard Dilly, General Manager at Merlin Entertainments, says, “Ahead of the summer holidays, we’re thrilled to officially open Australia’s first Immersive Gamebox experience in Darling Harbour! We have loved watching the guests explore the new gaming spaces – from a family day out to date night and groups of friends looking for a unique activity in the heart of the city; each game offers a fun and exciting new challenge. I’ve given them all a go, and my favourite is definitely Squid Game! They’re not easy either, so good luck!”

Will Dean, CEO and Co-founder of Immersive Gamebox, says: “We are incredibly excited to be launching our first venue in Australia. We’re thrilled to bring friends, families, and coworkers together in a gaming format that transcends borders. By collaborating with the world’s top content studios, we’ve curated adventures that place connection and collaboration at their heart. Australia, brace yourself for an extraordinary journey into a realm where entertainment meets innovation – our immersive gaming experience is set to redefine the Australian entertainment landscape.”

Located at the Merlin Entertainments site next to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and Madame Tussauds, Sydney’s Immersive Gamebox is now open! Visitors can secure their Immersive Gamebox tickets online now: SEA LIFE, Sydney, Australia | Immersive Gamebox


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