Published on November 11th, 2020 | by Andrew Bistak

IMAX Melbourne reopens November 19

The world’s largest screen is back in business. IMAX Melbourne is reopening Thursday November 19 with Christopher Nolan’s time-bending TENET on IMAX 1570 Film, as the legendary director intends it to be seen.

IMAX has only allocated 13 1570 Film prints to cinemas worldwide. IMAX Melbourne was chosen in recognition of Victorians’ deep affinity for Nolan that has seen the theatre take more than $4M across his last four movies.

Nolan has captured the majority of TENET on IMAX’s patented 15 perforation 70mm film cameras – the highest resolution cameras in the world – ensuring it is optimised for the IMAX screen.

Exclusive to IMAX Melbourne, sequences filmed with IMAX cameras expand vertically to fill its 23m x 32m screen, showing up to 40 per cent more of the frame with unparalleled scale, crispness and depth.

“TENET in IMAX is a truly visceral movie experience. It’s immersive, loud and powerful and it looks absolutely outstanding on the giant screen – it’s the only way to see it,” said Richard Morrison, General Manager, IMAX Melbourne.

IMAX screens currently account for more than 11 percent of TENET’s global box office takings.

The theatre will also be screening TENET in IMAX 4K Laser which offers audiences the best on-screen digital presentation available in the global market.

“It’s a really extraordinary format and where people are able to experience the film [in IMAX] they going to get the highest possible sense of immersion into the world of TENET,” said Nolan.

Other titles across summer include the 2000 documentary MICHAEL JORDAN TO THE MAX, remastered 1988 dystopian thriller AKIRA in IMAX 4K Laser, 3D documentary SEA LIONS: LIFE BY A WHISKER and more.

Tickets for TENET will go on sale from November 9 and are expected to be snapped up quickly.

When it opens on November 19, IMAX Melbourne’s 460-seat theatre will be capped at a maximum capacity of 20 before moving to 100 from November 23, pending public health advice. Pre-booking is strongly recommended. The theatre has implemented a range of public health and safety measures to ensure the safety of its patrons, staff and the wider community.

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