Published on December 11th, 2020 | by Tony Smith

I’m a Hero Too Book Review

I’m a Hero Too Book Review Tony Smith

Summary: I’m a Hero Too is a heroic book about a child's perspective on COVID-19



From best-selling Australian author Jamila Rizvi comes I’m a Hero Too which takes the reader on a child’s perspective of COVID-19 that is beautifully illustrated by Peter Cheong. The story revolves around Arty and on the day we are introduced to him, he is feeling sad.

Unfortunately he no longer walks to kinder and his mother often tells him that this conversation is not for little ears. He also misses going to a café with his dad and having hot chocolate but now his father works from home and always tell Arty to stop disturbing him and he sorely missed the fun activities that he used to engage with.

What’s worse is that the grow-ups now cry and he wishes that the world would go back to normal.

Arty also learns that his mother is a scientist who makes medicine and he wonders if she will create the medicine that will help us fight the virus. This inspires Arty to become a hero and a fight the virus like his mum and when he explores the world, he sees everyone wearing masks and even fighting for toilet paper, not to mention that he must now wash his hands for 20 seconds.

Arty also knows not to touch his face like a Ninja and that heroes cough into their elbows because the virus can go from person to person at supersonic speeds.

The story ends with Arty realizing that the virus won’t last forever and that one day he can go back to ballet, footy and kinder as he boldly tells the reader on the last page that his name is Arty and he offers others to be a hero like him.

Given how relevant this book is, it makes for the perfect story for young children and is a great way to giving them a positive insight into COVID-19.


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