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‘Indie Symphony’, presented by Orchestra Victoria at Hamer Hall on Friday 8 September, offers a spectacular and rare Australian opportunity to experience a selection of independently developed video games and live performance of their scores like never before, extending orchestral music beyond its genre boundaries.

In this special event which celebrates the vital role of music in enlivening video games, Indie Symphony will showcase beloved soundtracks from bestselling, independently developed, video games. This is the first time that Australian video game fans will be able to experience these soundtracks performed live by a full orchestra with guest soloists, accompanied by striking visuals from feature games and bespoke lighting designs.

The soundtracks featured in this special event have transcended gaming, inspiring millions with their captivating melodies. Composed by Christopher Larkin, the epic score for breakout game Hollow Knight is the central work of the concert and its epic finale. Hollow Knight is one of Australia’s top-selling games, with a soundtrack that has amassed over 8 million listens and is available on vinyl, five years post-release.

Indie Symphony’s program will also feature Stray Gods, a groundbreaking roleplaying musical, and acclaimed games CelesteNecrobaristaJourneyEverybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Hades. These soundtracks have transcended gaming, inspiring millions with their captivating melodies, and this is an opportunity to connect with them in a unique experience.

Each of the showcased games are a testament to the incredible talent of Australian game developers, composers, musicians, orchestrators, and fans. Indie Symphony proudly champions the creativity and diversity found in the games and music industries. With a strong emphasis on representation, the concert highlights women and gender-diverse creatives who have often been underrepresented in these fields.

VicScreen CEO, Caroline Pitcher said, “Our local digital games sector is internationally renowned for producing some of the most creative and hottest games on the market. VicScreen is delighted to partner with Orchestra Victoria and local developers to deliver this mind blowing and immersive experience, showcasing extraordinary digital games soundtracks through the mastery of over 60 musicians. This is set to be a special event that is not to be missed.”

Orchestra Victoria’s General Manager, Jacinta Ewers, says: Indie Symphony will be an incredible evening combining the thrill of a live orchestral performance with the dynamic creative content of fan favourite indie video games. Orchestra Victoria is thrilled to present this concert that brings together Australian artists from across the orchestral and games industries.”

This unforgettable evening, guided by Meena Shamaly, host of ABC Classic’s weekly Game Show, will sweep you away, fusing sights and sounds in this thrilling, one-off event.


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