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Published on May 15th, 2021 | by Edwin Millheim

Hunting Simulator 2 is it the Ultimate hunt? The answer can blow your mind

Hunting Simulator 2 is it the Ultimate hunt? The answer can blow your mind Edwin Millheim
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Summary: Hunting Simulator 2 looks very impressive on the latest consoles.


A cool game with a fresh paint job

Hunting Simulator 2 holds limited appeal due to the subject matter. There are people that are for and those against hunting…and I understand. Myself, I am all for hunting and or fishing if it is for food. However, like some people feel, hunting just to hunt is kind of a turn off. Now for those that are into hunting or even want to know what hunting is like, will be wondering… is Hunting Simulator 2 the Ultimate hunt?

Now if you ever wanted to have the experience without the impact of taking an actual living things life…Hunting Simulator 2 has got you covered. I almost feel bad that that even had to be said.  What you really want to know is Hunting Simulator 2 worth your while? Is it fun?

I think actually the game hits a few touch tones for actually being entertaining. However, it is a slow burn of a fun factor. If you are looking for a fast fix, then this game may not be for you.

Like real hunting, it takes time. It can be slow and boring until that few seconds of trying to take a shot.

Now if you have purchased Hunting Simulator 2 already from the previous generation of gaming platforms…PS4 and Xbox One and One X, Hunting Simulator 2 for this next-gen consoles is exactly the same as what you already have. Same content and all. It just looks much better with this next gen bump in graphics.

Hunting Simulator 2 has hunters covered and they know that men are not the only ones that hunt.

Refreshing to see like so many other games that offer customizable characters, we see it here as well in Hunting Simulator 2. Players can chose a female or male character. Right after making your choice and jumping in the game, there is no time wasted. Players thrust right into the tutorial.

Going over the basics of how to hunt down an animal from analyzing a track, to stalking, taking the shot and then hunting down the animal if it did not go down from your shot on the spot.

For some players that are looking for the action, hunting and tracking may be a bit tedious for those not into it. There may be a long time between wandering around tracking and actually finding anything and the short moments of action.

As the name of the game implies…simulator…you cannot just go out shooting at anything that moves. To hunt certain animals you need to purchase a hunting license for that species. Really, it all comes down to preparation for your hunt.

Players then have to make sure they have the right gear for the job. What gun and ammo is appropriate for the type of animal they are hunting? The right caliber of weapon is paramount. If players do not prep correctly before heading out into the beautiful country, they may as well just be on a nature hike.

The game is good at telling you something is wrong though. Aim at an animal you do not have a license to hunt and it tells you. Alternatively, even if you are cleared to hunt that certain animal, if you have the wrong caliber of ammunition, the game lets you know.

Though it is not always clear until you are aiming at something and then it tells you. Wish I knew some this before walking around for 15 to 20 real minutes before tracking something down.

Hunting Simulator 2 really brings it when it comes to the licensed weapons they have to offer in game. Over 160 weapons, accessories and clothing items from a lot of well-known brands, including Browning, Winchester, Bushnell, Kryptek and Verney-Carron.

The right weapon is only half of it though for your success.

Buying the right hunting licenses before heading out in Hunting Simulator 2 is paramount. There is a wide range of animals to hunt. The game gives you 33 animals, all with rather realistic behaviors.  Having seen many of these animals in the areas I actually live in, it is weird seeing them mirrored and acting just like the real thing.

On your hunt, you do not want to be out and about for nothing.

Preparation is key to even a half way enjoyable experience. Believe me. Just heading out without appropriate gear leads to wandering around and then not being able to take the long awaited shot because you do not have the right gear.

Now something that surprised me that made the game much more fun to me was having a hunting companion. IN this, case a hunting dog.

Use your hunting dog to track your prey. Labrador retriever, German shorthaired pointer and Beagle, each dog has its specific hunting attributes.

They head off and sniff around, finding tracks or if you make a shot and the animal did not go down, they can also find blood trails and other animal signs.

You can give your hunting friend basic commands, like stay and track and you can even give your four-legged friend some loving petting.

Your hunting dog also has some stats that tells you their hunting and track skills.  Expertise, Drive and Stamina. Just for that bit of customizability, you also get to name your Dog. I named mine Gronk.

Which is cool since you feel as bonded to your electronic simulated dog as you can get by naming it.

The graphics in this game bumped up for the latest in consoles as noted. The environments are actually very pleasing to the eye.

The hunting grounds that you get to traverse are varied. From the plains of Colorado, the Texan desert and the forests of Europe. All beautiful to behold. So much so, that it is a shame that while you are hunting and looking at the ground for tracks and animal signs you may miss the vistas.

Overall, you may find yourself enjoying this game. Even more if you are a hunting enthusiast.

Hunting Simulator 2 is a step into the world of hunting, in a safe way. If you even ever wanted to know, what hunting was all about. This game is for you. Wan to check it out? You can do that here. Hunting Simulator 2 (Xbox Series X): Video Games

Have fun, play games!

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Reviewed on Xbox Series X

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