Published on January 26th, 2021 | by Adrian Gunning

Humankind – Avatar and AI Feature Focus

In Humankind, players will be able to customise more than just the physical appearance of their avatar. They will also be able to set an “AI” personality which will represent them while they are offline.

We’ve got a new Feature Focus about a feature that many have gotten a glimpse of for quite some time, but have not yet gotten to play for themselves: Avatars and their AIs.

In Humankind, all civilizations will be represented by an avatar, and as a player you will get to customise your own and share it others.

Creating an Avatar for yourself is fun for single player, but it really shines with friends. Of course, friends will see your Avatar when you’re enjoying a multiplayer match, but more than that, you can share your Avatar with your friends through Games2Gether so they can play against “you” even if you’re not around!

Customisation is not just visual: you can also customise how your avatar behaves! There are three aspects to this AI customisation:

  • Archetypes: The general tendencies and behavior of your Avatar. Do they try to plan far ahead, or do they fly by the seat of their pants? Are they staunch allies, or will they backstab you at the drop of a hat? Will they bear a grudge if you do the same to them? You can tweak these on several different axes in either direction, but you will only get to tweak so many of them at the same time, so choose carefully.
  • Biases: Much more specific than the archetypes. They represent a kind of quirk or almost an obsession your AI Avatar will have. Do you never surrender until the bitter end, or refuse to give in to any demands? Your Avatar can do the same. Or perhaps you love the idea of picking an Ancient Era culture, and taking it to the Contemporary Era? You could have your Avatar play to that, too.
  • Strengths: Finally, you can give your Avatar certain Strengths, passive bonuses you can use to supplement the play style you would like for your Avatar. If you’re a player who enjoys the warfare and battles in Humankind, perhaps you want our Avatar’s Emblematic Units to be more powerful. Maybe you prefer research and trade, so you’d rather give your Avatar a little boost to Science and Money generation.

Of course, some of these options and combinations may be stronger than others, so they are assigned a score you will have to spend to add them to your Avatar. Other options might not be available to you at first and are unlocked through achievements in the game.

We hope you enjoyed this peek at what we have in store with the Avatars and their AI.

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