Published on February 4th, 2022 | by Andrew Bistak

How to stay safe online this Safer Internet Day

To celebrate Safer Internet Day (8 Feb 2022), Jacqueline Jayne, a Security Awareness Advocate APAC at KnowBe4 shares her top three tips to stay safe when online:

Don’t fall for social engineering scams

Most successful attacks are as a result of some kind of trick or scam. You may receive emails or chat messages which offer you a deal, or tell you how your account has been suspended in the attempt to get you to click on a link and submit details or download a malicious file.

Remember, if anything evokes an emotional response and seeks to get you to act immediately, stop.

Keep software up to date

Keep all your computers, devices, and software up to date with the latest versions and patches. That alone can save your devices from being compromised.

Use unique passwords

Passwords are part of daily life, and there are many rules around how long and complex they should be. Perhaps the most overlooked rule though is to have unique passwords for each site.

Many people reuse the same password across many sites, but the danger is that if a criminal gets hold of your password, they will try that password against every other site they can think of and cause untold damage.

So, make cyber criminals’ lives harder and stay safe online by using unique passwords, keeping devices up to date, and remaining vigilant of social engineering scams.”

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