Published on May 17th, 2021 | by Adrian Gunning

How Kerbal Space Program 2 Is Making The Series Welcoming For Newcomers

Kerbal Space Program (KSP), has earned a reputation for being both scientifically accurate and challenging over the years. KSP allows players to build spaceships, rockets, and vehicles using any imaginable combination of parts to transport alien creatures called Kerbals.

For the sequel, Kerbal Space Program 2, these concepts still very much remain true, but one of Intercept Games’ top priorities is making Kerbal Space Program 2 much more welcoming to new players with a number of enhancements for onboarding and approachability.

In the developer video below from the dev team (featuring guest astrophysicists Joel Greene & Scott Manley), you’ll find in-depth details on the brand new tutorial system, interface improvements, and the philosophy guiding the team toward making Kerbal Space Program 2 a fun and educational experience that everyone can enjoy.

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