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Horizon Chase 2 Review (PS5)

Horizon Chase 2 Review (PS5) Nay Clark

Summary: Horizon Chase 2 revs up its engine and fires on all cylinders to become a template of what a sequel should be.


Furiously Fast

Horizon Chase 2 is an arcade racing game developed and published by Aquiris Game Studio and released earlier on Apple Arcade, PC and Nintendo Switch in 2022 and 2023, but is now making its debut on PlayStation and Xbox platforms on May 30th of 2024. Horizon Chase 2 is an accelerated sequel coming off the tails of Horizon Chase and its reimagining Horizon Chase Turbo. This installment includes support for online multiplayer and adds crossplay among all platforms. The evolved gameplay and high octane racing will have your teeth clattering as you skid and drift around every turn in this rush to be the number one racer in the world.

The game features 66 tracks within 6 different countries, like Brazil and Italy, that you speed down to claim your victory. In World Tour, there are basic circuits where you race around a colorful environment for a certain amount of laps and there are time trials where you have to complete the laps in a certain amount of time. The better you place in a race, the more medals you receive and you need medals to unlock more courses. Placed on the tracks are nitro pickups that fill up your nitro meter and blue tokens used to unlock upgrades for your car. Racing with a car will earn that car XP and after gaining enough XP to level up, you gain an upgrade point that you can use to upgrade different attributes on the car like its suspension or gearbox. Picking out a car that suits you and upgrading it is key to winning the races in the World Tour mode. Utilizing the aspects of your vehicle to win a race or achieving a Super Time during a time trial is not only exhilarating, but rewarding.

Other modes included are Playground and Tournaments. In Playground you can race in online races or complete challenges to level up and gain rewards such as credits or extra cars. In Tournaments, you can outrun your opponents in races grouped with four stages in a tournament style set up. There’s also the Garage Shop where you can customize your cars, like the paint or the rims. The content here in Horizon Chase 2 is bulky enough to give you something worth competing for. The actual gameplay is fulfilling, but it’s nice to be able to feel a sense of progression through upgrading and customizing your cars, being able to race in different types of races, and unlocking items to trick out your ride even more.

Horizon Chase 2 is a big step up from the first game when it comes to gameplay and style. Overall, the game feels smoother and more responsive. Fuel pickups are now a thing of the past which actually makes the game play a lot differently. Horizon Chase 2 feels a lot more like a regular racing game and less arcadey because of this decision, but I believe it is for the best. Strategies in passing opponents and winning now strictly rely on how well you can drive. 

Speed is the name of the game here in Horizon Chase 2, but letting off the gas around tight turns is imperative and can be the main factor in either winning or losing a race so you can’t get too greedy on the raceway. Weaving in and out of the congested asphalt at breakneck speeds can only get you so far. Depending on the makeup of the car you are driving, you may not want to boost around corners, but instead wait until you have some straight roads ahead of you. Improving your skills and honing in on the lay of the land have to be taken into consideration if you have your eyes set on the gold.

Graphically, the game looks phenomenal. The artstyle has a vibrant unique cel shaded approach to it. The surrealistic flair of the first game is here, but now it is more detailed and comprehensive. Levels are less flat and the surroundings are more filled in with buildings, shrubbery, and street lights. Weather conditions, like rain or a sandstorm, can also affect the rules of a race. There’s a lot more variety in the courses which provide more colors and diverse scenery.

Barry Leitch is back giving us another entrancing soundtrack to drive to. The rambunctious neo synthwave-like grooves courses through your veins while you shift your velocity and cruise down the pavement. The electronic beats release energy into your ignition and keep you on track without careening off course. The sound of the engines revving and tires burning increases your adrenaline levels and gets your blood pumping. Item pickup chimes are satisfying and make you not miss a single one. I did have some instances where the car sounds would cut out completely, but they eventually started working after zooming around for a bit.

During my time playing, the game would randomly close on me whenever I would finish a race. I’m sure this problem can easily be patched, but it definitely broke my engrossment during my play sessions. The narrow streets and tight corners are fun to rush through, but the A.I. cars can be annoying. It seems like this issue should not be a problem, but the way they move in front of you feels too scripted and fights against you and your ability to actually use your skills to win. Causing any sort of pile up isn’t a good idea though. I know you’ll want to ram into the irritating bots, but that only slows you down and speeds them up. 

Final Thoughts?

Horizon Chase 2 is a really fun and well polished racer. The game looks fantastic and I love the glossy style. The cars control fluently and the simple gameplay creates an addicting factor. Even though the omitted features from its predecessor makes the game less distinct because it plays more like a regular racing game, the essence still remains. The fully occupied levels and pulsating soundtrack give this follow-up the spark it needs to confidently surpass the first game without overshadowing it, giving them both their own specific and distinctive quality. Horizon Chase 2 will have you boosting down the speedway again and again, chasing that horizon over every hilltop to the end.

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