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Summary: Satan has a mid-life crisis.


Hellishly good fun!

What if Satan had a mid-life crisis and instead of being evil wanted to be good and make a change?

Holier Than Thou explores this exact idea in a clever, hilarious and sharp-witted way. Penned by Mike Ragsdale, with art by Pablo Arias, this is one hellishly wicked story that doesn’t disappoint.

I won’t lie, I was a little iffy coming into this graphic novel, fearing that it might be a bit too focused on the ol’ God-fearing lingo with possible heavy religious undertones that I would find quite tedious and boring. Thankfully this isn’t the case, as Mike Ragsdale delivers a cleverly crafted tale with a hefty dose of religious satire in a sharp and witty fashion.

The story follows the Prince of Darkness as he is abruptly struck with a peculiar mid-life crisis. After doing a routine soul collection from a gunned down mobster, Lucifer is shocked to see the son of the murdered man pray, not only for his father’s salvation but also for the Devil’s. It is this simple act that triggers a change in Lucifer, making him become reflective and contemplative as he questions his life and the choices he has made. Now wishing to make a positive difference in the world instead of being the master of chaos, Lucifer embarks on a quest of redemption, which sees him releasing damned souls from Hell, pay a visit to church to confess and pursue an unlikely relationship with a kind and selfless woman. There is only one problem: Satan isn’t very good at being good and eventually, all of these random “good” deeds trigger the beginning of the apocalypse, thus releasing hellfire on Earth. Oh, and God is pretty pissed too.

I really must commend Ragsdale for this super funny and entertaining story. Lucifer’s banter is spot on and had me laughing-out-loud at all of his sharp and witty quips. I actually found him to be quite a likeable character, possessing a charming allure whilst also being quite relatable. Ragsdale effortlessly explores some interesting facets to Lucifer’s past and personality in an uncomplicated and seamless way. The dynamic between Lucifer and many of the other key characters in this story felt well-rounded and balanced. For me, these one-on-one interactions were some of the most memorable scenes in this comic – except of course one particularly funny scene involving the Four Riders of the Apocalypse. Overall, I found that it is this effortless storytelling that made it very easy to delve into this tale, allowing for me to enjoy each moment without being burdened and overwhelmed with complex religious lore and the unnecessary layering of characters.

The art by Pablo Arias is lively and highly animated. I thought that it perfectly matched the overall tone of the story, capturing the outrageousness of the unfolding calamity. His linework brings an interesting textured quality and this coupled with the heavy inking makes for an engaging and atmospheric ambience. I was intrigued with the unusual sense of light that was achieved with the colouring, which gave everything a glowing and luminescent aura. This was particularly effective during the scenes in Hell and Heaven, which fostered an otherworldly quality.

Overall, I thought that this was a clever and well-written graphic novel. If you’re looking for an interesting and funny story about Lucifer, then I recommend that you give this a go. It’s incredibly funny and has some pretty ace art to match.

I’m giving this graphic novel 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Holier Than Thou is available now for purchase via Amazon

CREATIVE TEAM: Mike Ragsdale and Pablo Arias
GENRE: Supernatural/Comedy
REVIEWER: Dana Folkard

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