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8th August 2018 – Along with publisher Skybound Games, the Hinterland Studio team is excited to announce that The Long Dark, an exploration-survival game that challenges solo players to survive in an expansive wilderness, will be available for PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One® in Australian retailers on the 7th September. The Long Dark has already captured the attention of 2.5 million players and now existing fans and new players alike can pre-order the physical retail edition starting today!

Every retail edition of The Long Dark will include a code to download the game’s Original Soundtrack, as well as a limited-edition physical Field Journal. Used by an unnamed survivor on Great Bear Island, this naturalist’s Field Journal includes a map of the Island, as well as plenty of room to log your day’s activities – the perfect companion for any survivor of the Quiet Apocalypse!

The Long Dark challenges players to survive in an expansive, frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a mysterious geomagnetic disaster. All technology has been rendered inert, bringing humanity back to a primal existence and leaving players to face the cold, the expansive wilderness, and all the other threats Mother Nature can muster. Players engage with the game’s narrative in the episodic WINTERMUTE™ Story Mode and can try their luck with the open-world permadeath Survival Mode, or complete objectives in the standalone Challenge Modes, all while having to monitor their basic needs (warmth, sleep, food, water), fight afflictions (injuries, diseases), and encounter deadly wildlife.

To date, The Long Dark has enjoyed lasting popular acclaim, with ratings of 90% or above by players across pre-existing platforms, as well as winning 2018 Webby Awards for “Best Writing” and “Best Strategy-Simulation” game.

In conjunction with today’s announcement, Hinterland has released the details of new content coming later this year, which you can read more about in this developer blog post. In addition, today Hinterland and Skybound Games have released an image of the Field Journal exclusively included in retail boxes this September, retail box art, plus a batch of the latest screenshots from the game.

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