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Record Store Day is back for 2021 and excited to announce HILLTOP HOODS as our ambassadors for this exciting day on the indie Record Store Day calendar

Their biography just says it all: Ten ARIA Awards, 6 consecutive No 1 albums, sold out arena tours across Australia and overseas, over 1 million albums sold and over 50 platinum accreditations throughout their career so far. Their music legacy is undeniable.

‘‘As a fanatical collector myself I’ve always participated in RSD, so when we were asked to become ambassadors, it was a no-brainer. It’s an honour to throw our support behind the record stores, particularly the mom & pops stores who need our support more than ever.’’
Suffa, Hilltop Hoods

Record Store Day welcome HILLTOP HOODS with open arms as ambassadors for the indie record store industry.

In Australia in 2021 we’re calling it Record Store Day Lite and it will be across two days, BUT there will be a few twists to keep us all as safe as possible.

Most countries around the world are still under restrictions, therefore many indie record stores are operating online only, as Australia also did last year. Now in Australia, though, we are able to party (carefully) so we will celebrate Record Store Day on June 12 and on July 17.

June 12 will be the bigger of the two days. Around two thirds of the limited edition records will be released for June and we will also party, but scaled down to keep it safe. Expect live music, deals and discounts, as well as lots of lovely vinyl, but also expect timed appointments to ensure stores don’t get too crowded, distanced queues and, in some stores, there will be one way systems with marshals. There will also be lots of sanitiser for safe crate digging. Each store will decide what they are able and comfortable to do but expect it to be just a little bit more sedate compared with pre-COVID.

July 17 will be more about the more limited edition releases, with the final third of the list available on this day. This will be all a more chilled day for ‘come on down to your local store for treasures’ and there won’t be the party elements.

On both dates online sales of limited edition records will be allowed from 6pm and not before.

Why is it like this? Record Store Day is an international event and many parts of the rest of the world are still in strife. They are unable to run the Record Store Day we all know and love. Stores are closed, they are in lockdown or people are opting to iso just to be safe. For many countries vaccines aren’t expected to resolve the issues by mid-year. We are fortunate in Australia that we can move around, albeit carefully. We can do more, so we will, but carefully.

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