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Heroes of the Storm Free Weekend Available Jan 14-17!

2016 was an incredible year for Heroes of the Storm! We introduced loads of new characters, features, events, mounts, skins, and more. To start off 2017, celebrate everything that has happened in the past 12 months, as well as kick off the exciting content planned for the year to come, we’re inviting everyone to enjoy three days of FULL ACCESS to the entire Heroes of the Storm character roster from January 14–17 AEDT! We’re also giving hints as to who may be next to join the Nexus.

Starting Heroes of the Storm for the first time, or looking to expand your character repertoire? We have some suggestions from Heroes of the Storm hero designer, Kent-Erik Hagman below:

  • Varian: Varian is the first multiclass hero to be released into the Nexus. Need to tank for your team? Give Taunt and Banner of Ironforge a try. Need some damage? We’ve got options for that also, including burst damage through Colossus Smash, or sustained damage through Twin Blades of Fury. If you’re looking to be reactive with your decision making, Varian offers a ton of options and flexibility.
  • Zul’jin: Recently released into the Nexus, Zul’jin is a hard hitting troll Assassin. Good Zul’jin players will separate themselves from the pack with optimal use of his Berserker trait which trades health for damage output. This axe juggler excels at walking on a razor’s edge.
  • Dehaka: Look for bushes to flank your enemy and Drag them to their demise. Dehaka is a Warrior who relies on farming for his tankiness, but with great wave clear and a global teleport, it’s Dehaka’s game to play.
  • Auriel: Auriel is a Support that needs to pair up with a buddy, as her trait, Bestow Hope, generates energy from allied damage dealt. When combined with someone like Gul’dan, she can provide an endless battery of healing. Beyond her obvious healing aptitude, good Auriel players can look to pin their enemies against terrain with clever use of Detainment Strike, setting up for easy takedowns.
  • Gul’dan: Auriel’s best mage pal. Sacrificing health for mana, Gul’dan gets to choose just how aggressive he’s going to be. Gul’dan has no problems toping damage charts, just be careful to not get overly greedy.
  • Xul: Xul excels at hopping between lanes and turning those enemy minions into sieging skeletons. The ultimate split pusher, Xul can shove 2 lanes when played correctly on a small battleground like Tomb of the Spider Queen. Xul also packs a punch in team fights, so don’t be afraid to leave the lane and join your team in their conquest for total Nexus domination.
  • Zarya: For a Warrior who can act as a hybrid support, Zarya can also pack a punch. Pay close attention to Zarya’s Energy, which magnifies her damage output, and make clever use of her Basic Attack which hits multiple enemies. These are both key to unlocking that punch.

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