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Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Open Beta; New Hero, Genji, and New Battleground, Hanamura!

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 introduces new Hero, Genji, and new Battleground, Hanamura, as well as a host of balance changes!

New Hero: Genji

Genji was once the carefree youngest scion of the Shimada clan, but he was cut down by his own brother for refusing to take part in their illegal ventures. Grafted into a cyborg body by Overwatch, Genji walks his own path as one who fights for what’s right. His Basic Abilities include Shuriken, a projectile that damages the first enemy it hits; Deflect, an ability that allows him to ricochet incoming damage to nearby enemies for 1.25 seconds; and Swift Strike, a dash forward that deals damage to all enemies in a line. Enemy Heroes who die within 2 seconds after being hit by Swift Strike cause the skill’s cooldown and Mana cost to be refunded. Genji’s Heroic Abilities are Dragonblade, a deadly sword that can be used for 8 seconds to lunge forward and slash in a huge arc; and X-Strike, which allows Genji to attack in two perpendicular slashes that deal damage and ignite after 1.25 seconds.

New Battleground: Hanamura

Heroes of the Storm is also receiving a new battleground, inspired by the Hanamura map in Overwatch. Both team’s Cores are protected by a barrier that is resistant to Hero attacks. Payloads must be escorted across the battlefield in order to deal damage to the enemy base. The first set of payloads spawn for each team two and half minutes into the match, and additional waves will periodically appear throughout the rest of the game. Like in Overwatch, players must stand near an allied payload to escort it, and the more friendly players close by (up to a maximum of three), the faster it will move. Payloads that haven’t been touched for a period of time will begin to slowly move backward automatically. Destroying an enemy Fort will cause the next allied payload to deal additional damage when it arrives at its destination. Destroying enemy Keeps will also cause Sappers to spawn with allied Minion waves, which will fire on the Core upon reaching the end of their lanes.


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