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Heroes in Crisis #6 Review

Heroes in Crisis #6 Review Admin

Summary: Heroes in Crisis #6 continues this murder mystery in spectacular fashion!


Killer(s) revealed?

Heroes in Crisis #6 return us to DC Comics most controversial murder mystery and while this issue is a little slow, writer Tom King almost gives us the revelation that we are waiting for. Unlike the previous issue, we get an interesting snapshot into the psyche of the heroes and villains who have visited Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman’s AI controlled self-help therapy called the Sanctuary. As he deconstructs the characters who visit the Sanctuary, issue six is definitely a slightly different narrative that even with the grisly premise behind this story, it is still quite an engaging read as we discover what makes these people tick and more importantly, who or perhaps what was responsible for this mass murder and whether their own personal traumas were the catalyst.

Adding to the story, we are given a glimpse into the broken hero known as The Flash (aka Wally West) who returned in Rebirth #1 who provided “hope” to the DCU. However Wally’s return came at a huge cost for this hero that was without his wife and his two young children. However when an alarm is sounded in the Sanctuary, we get a snapshot into how this massacre started and another clue as a shocked Wally West cradles the dead body of Roy Harper before he is shot dead by Booster Gold as Harley Quinn watches on which is where the issue ends. Adding to the therapy of the story are insights into the minds of Poison Ivy and Gnarkk as King delivers an interesting insight into these broken heroes.

Final Thoughts?

Although a powerful issue, I was definitely torn with this darker DCU and as Rebirth attempted to bring back hope to this DCU, it seems that Heroes in Crisis has tarnished it again… although it could be the ripple effect from the Doomsday Clock. Nonetheless it was perfectly illustrated by Clay Mann and Mitch Gerards who create a gripping story with emotions and drama. In the end, with all clues potentially pointing to Wally West as the killer due to the loss of his family, I’m betting that Tom King has some huge twists still coming this way.


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