Published on November 28th, 2018 | by Andrew Bistak

Heroes in Crisis #3 of 9 Review

Heroes in Crisis #3 of 9 Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Heroes in Crisis #3 of 9 unfolds more of the mystery but then gives us plenty of more questions!


The Crisis unfolds!

The team of King, Weeks, Mann and Morey returns in this murder mystery that is set firmly in the world of the DC Universe pantheon of heroes and villains. The issue opens with the ‘Sanctuary’ asking the now deceased Lagoon Boy and Wally West to the on-the-run hero Booster Gold who may have been responsible with their deaths about what is their superhero name is and how long they have been receiving support in this virtual counseling environment which was created by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

We also discover why these heroes are in the Sanctuary and more importantly that this solace for heroes features a very lifelike VR experence called ‘Chamber Sessions’ or Holodeck for lovers of Star Trek. It is this virtual space where Wally West (aka the Flash) is allowed to live in a world where he is still married to Linda and his children still exist in this reality. Adding to the mystery is that we learn that the Medusa masks worn at the Sanctuary is for anonymity and is up to their patients to wear them or not.

Unfortunately for Booster Gold he is torn by where the Chamber Sessions should take him and regrettably, he has a session with himself that ends up like something from fight club as he battles himself. However these sessions are soon ended when the Sanctuary asks its patients to proceed to the nearest exit where we the reader witness the death of Lagoon Boy and then Wally West as Harley Quinn literally caves his head in with her mallet as Booster comes across this crime scene. The issue ends with the Sanctuary asking six more of its participants their names and how long they have been here for.

Final Thoughts?

An interesting issue that poses more question than answers and although this story has divided the world of DC fandom, I’m betting that the virtual reality aspect of this story is part of the mystery… but we’ll see!


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