Published on April 8th, 2021 | by Tony Smith

Hello and Welcome Book Review

Hello and Welcome Book Review Tony Smith

Summary: Hello and Welcome is a must read book for those wanting to learn about indigenous culture.


The perfect hello

Hello and Welcome is by Gregg Dreis, a Kamilaroi author and illustrator who successfully translates the indigenous Welcome to Country into a form that can easily be read by younger readers. It is also a celebration of indigenous culture that inspires collaboration between everyone, no matter where your family originated from.

Yarma gurra dahn gooramay (Hello and welcome to our corroberee/gathering)

The book also acknowledges elders both past and present, including the young who will one day be elders themselves. Furthermore, it goes into some depth about the history of indigenous culture, including that of the Mother Earth and Father Sky, even paying respect to the planet and those who call it home. The book ends with the author showing its readers how to sign hello and welcome to our gathering that when matched with the art, is a true homage to indigenous culture with its unique illustration style.

Final Thoughts?

Hello and Welcome is a must have book for all children wanting to learn more about this country’s indigenous heritage.


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