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Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods Promotion Ending Soon

The end is coming! The Whispers of the Old Gods launch celebration ends soon, and with it the opportunity to add FREE Whispers of the Old Gods cards to your collection! Players who haven’t yet obtained their three free packs must log into Hearthstone before Wednesday, July 6th AEST to instantly receive them. To gain a further 10 free packs, players must also complete two in-game quests before July 6th AEST. After this date, players will still receive C’Thun and two Beckoner of Evil cards in their first Whispers of the Old Gods pack that they earn or purchase.

Quests that are still available to complete:

  • 5 Old Gods Packs! – Win two games in Standard mode
  • 5 More Old Gods Packs! – After completing “5 Old Gods Packs!”, win seven more games in Standard mode

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