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Hearthstone – Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: Secrets of the Jade Lotus Family

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is introducing a brand new mechanic to Hearthstone—Tri-Class cards. Each family has its own unique Tri-Class cards, which can be used only by the three classes in that family. Now, each class will have its own twist on their family’s new playstyle, and they’ll get to share powerful resources unavailable to their rivals!

The new Gadgetzan has become a haven for criminals from all walks of life, but it’s run by three major crime families. To make it here, you’ll have to rub shoulders with smugglers, black market traders, and assassins . . . but once you earn their trust, they’ll cut you in on the contraband: 132 new cards (of somewhat questionable origins) to beef up your collection. We have met the Grimy Goons and the Kabal, but what about the Jade Lotus family?

Most denizens of Gadgetzan think of the Jade Lotus family as criminals, but they are so much more than mere thieves and assassins. Most of the “family” is made up of pandaren, hozen, mantid, jinyu—even virmen—who came from the distant shores of Pandaria. They have found disciples here in the form of Rogues, Druids, and Shamans; teaching their mastery of secrecy and the mystic arts to form an alliance of assassins, complete with their own secret army of Jade Golems. They own the shadows, they command ancient spirits, and bend the forces of nature to their will. Find out more about the Jade Lotus family here.

To see all the new Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards that have been revealed so far, please visit the Official Hearthstone Facebook page here. Players can pre-purchase 50 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs for the price of 40 on the shop here, but hurry, as this offer is available for a limited time only. Players will be able to purchase Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card bundles at the normal price (including in-game gold) once the offer runs out, as well as earn packs by completing weekly Tavern Brawls, Arena runs, and Daily Quests.

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