Published on September 14th, 2018 | by Andrew Bistak

Hawkman #4 Review (2018)

Hawkman #4 Review (2018) Andrew Bistak

Summary: Hawkman #4 delivers more clues than answers



As Carter Hall the present Hawkman continues his journey of discovery through time and space, he finds himself on the planet Thanagar (home of the Hawkmen) as we get snapshot into this world’s history with the Deathbringers who search for the Great Betrayer. Unfortunately for Carter he comes across another incarnation of himself (Karter Hol) who believes that he is the shapeshifter Byth who tricked Karter into killing his own father.

While Karter tries to catch ‘Byth’, our Carter attempts to reason with him, even though this Thangarian Police Officer is blinded by rage. However when Carter mentions the dead hero Kalmoran, it snaps him out of his blood lust as our hero finally gets to inform himself why he is on the Thangarar and that he is here to stop the Deathbringers from destroying Earth. Carter also receives the next puzzle to this mystery and although it leads him back to Earth momentarily, it also delivers him to the Microverse where he encounters his dear old friend… Ray Palmer the Atom.

Hawkman #4 was an interesting read by writer Robert Venditti that without spoiling the issue, gives us a few more tidbits about where this is all heading. With that said, the issue does mirror some of the work of Geoff John’s run on Hawkman, however Venditti does add a different twist to the history and future of this winged hero. Lastly it was great seeing Carter’s reaction to Shayera with the entire story beautifully illustrated by artist extraordinaire Bryan Hitch.

Final Thoughts?

All in all, an engaging issue from start to finish that does need more clues as this issue did at times feel like a filler. Nonetheless, I’m invested to see where this all ends.


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