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Sydney, Australia – October 23 2015 – Today, Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) and Ubisoft® announced the availability of Hasbro Family Fun Pack, an exclusive bundle featuring four complete console games based on Hasbro’s famous gaming brands. Hasbro Family Fun Pack is available now in Australia for Xbox One and PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.

Hasbro Family Fun Pack offers countless hours of fun to be played with friends and family together on the couch or online with people all across the world.  Based on four beloved Hasbro gaming brands, the MONOPOLY Plus, RISK, BOGGLE and TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live! Board games have been adapted for gaming consoles to include stunning environments that come alive as you progress, and introduce new customizable rules and missions in addition to the traditional ways of playing. Whether it’s money-management, strategic conquest, wordsmithing or trivia, Hasbro Family Fun Pack offers a unique and enriching experience for players of all ages. Each game can be played with up to four players at a time (up to six in MONOPOLY Plus) making it the ultimate game for groups.

MONOPOLY Plus Console Game

The MONOPOLY Plus console game brings the classic board game to new heights with a colorful 3D animated board that comes alive and evolves as you play. Players can customize their gameplay experience by selecting which of the “House Rules” they want to play, or pick up the pace with Speed Die mode, a fast-paced way of playing that allows you to move more quickly around the board. 

RISK Console Game

The console version of the RISK game retains the authenticity of the classic 2010 rules, while pushing a modern twist on the world-famous strategy game with 3D tactical battlefields, configurable win conditions and RISK Legacy rule variants. Players can bring out their inner commander from a high-tech war control room and set off to dominate the world using the classic map layout. 

BOGGLE Console Game

The BOGGLE console game brings the classic franchise to a new level with the addition of diverse modes. Fresh rules like point multipliers, timed matches, and even banning certain letters introduce new strategies players can use to topple their opponents. Players can also compete against their friends in person  or experience the multiplayer cooperative or competitive modes online.

Trivial Pursuit Live! Console Game

With adapted difficulty levels and four unique question formats, the Trivial Pursuit Live! console game is accessible to all type of gamers. From standard multiple choice to a category bank, where players will choose multiple selections from a collection of 16 answers, the Trivial Pursuit Live! console game provides more than 1,200 questions for players to show off their knowledge.

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