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Summary: Lacking a little in depth.


Interesting concept.

The concept of this graphic novel is one that interested me. The whole idea of having a pair of magical socks that makes someone all-powerful when they are wearing them is just a humorous idea, to begin with. This piece has an overall amount of humor that drew me into it from the beginning. GRRL Scouts: Magic Socks is about a group of girls, Gwen, Daphne, and Rita who are trying to find out the mystery behind the Magic Socks, their new powerful weapon that everyone wants to get ahold of. Their problem is that Daphne has a cousin that is dead set on getting the Socks and won’t stop until she and her group of recruited minions get ahold of them. Insanity ensues as the girls fight to keep and get the Socks.

One aspect that got me out of the overall story was the writing. It did get quite funny at times which definitely helped me want to see what happened next. This is described as a psychedelic, hilarious, and destructive insanity that fills the whole entire story and trust me this is right. There were just times that I wished that this would have stuck to the aspects of the story like the past of the Socks or something like that more. This could have had so much more development in aspects like that and would have had so much more of a plot. I love pieces that have weird stuff like magic Socks but this could have used much more of strange features instead of the crazy and action-packed stuff. This idea is something that really made me want to read it but I had a hard time staying invested throughout the whole thing.

Also, the art style is something different than what I have ever seen before in a graphic novel. It’s colorful, wildly entertaining at times, and a bit crazy to go along with it. There were times while I was looking at the designs in the panels and I could not believe how nice they looked. The colors are all bright and just pop on every single page. Then there are pages with more of a psychedelic side of the story that contrasted well with the others but to me were not as appealing. This is a graphic piece that has adult scenes that I would not recommend for the younger readers.


Overall, I can say that there are some aspects of this piece that I really enjoyed especially the concept of it. There was just so much more that I wanted from it and that I was hoping for. This is a crazy piece that I believe was hilarious at times, but when I’m reading a story I want more than just a few laughs. The concept I felt was just so silly but it really did not get implemented as well as I would have hoped. This piece I believe does a perfect job showing the insanity of this story of the GRRL Scouts but the plot is lacking. I would have really liked to see more of the Socks and also learned more about each of the girls. The major focus is on how crazy this all is and can be but when it comes down to it that does not help make me invested in any of these characters or the story as a whole. This is definitely a piece that is interesting to look at. I just wish there was more that made me want to read more about the girls.

PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PUBLICATION DATE: December 20, 2017
REVIEWER: Carrie Griffin


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