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Green Arrow #29 Review

Green Arrow #29 Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Green Arrow channels his Dark Knight in Green Arrow #29


The Dark Knight!

Hard Traveling Hero part 4 gets dark as the issue opens up to a very grisly murder in the streets of Gotham City. So as Oliver Queen hunts for the Ninth Circle in Gotham, he comes under the watchful eye of the world’s greatest detective, the Batman. It also leads Ollie to one of Gotham’s darkest places, the Court of Owls in his search for justice.

Writer Benjamin Percy really delivers his A game to this issue and I loved the characterisation of Green Arrow who seems to be challenging his inner Dark Knight. Complementing the story is the very awesome pencils of Juan Ferreyra that when matched with his colours, it creates this almost otherworldly darkness to the story, particularly with his strong reds, oranges and greens.

Needless to say, Ollie is pissed in this issue and when he comes across one of the men responsible for this evil, he almost crosses a line, however Bruce does make him snap out of his revenge fueled craziness. Also supporting the excellent story of this issue is the dialogue from Percy and he really brings these characters to life with an interesting ‘sparring’ session between Green Arrow and Batman.

So just when things are about to get ‘real’ between the two heroes, their fighting match is interrupted by The Burned, one of the lieutenants of the Ninth Circle. Although Batman gives Green Arrow the pleasure of defeating him, he does give him a little help and a connection to Green Lantern which I’m hoping will once again channel writer Dennis O’Neil. The issue ends with Black Canary and her team continuing their search to redeem Ollie.

Final Thoughts?

Writer Benjamin Percy and artist Juan Ferreyra kick another goal with this current issue of Green Arrow and was probably my favourite comic of the week. It’s definitely an interesting look into Green Arrow and I loved that he had the chance to play in the city of Gotham, while the Batman watches on! Great stuff guys!


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