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Published on May 1st, 2018 | by Dakoda Barker

Goblins of Elderstone PC Preview

Goblins are more than just a generic obstacle for fantasy heroes to dispatch with abandon, and Goblins of Elderstone intends to prove this. By focusing on the society and culture of the small green-skinned folks, we get to see more than the one-dimensional enemy that most media depicts. While still in early Early Access, Goblins of Elderstone paints an image of a people with their own history, superstitions, and problems—who just so happen to have green (or red or yellow, as goblins, too, come in varying shades) skin. It’s a refreshing change and offers the opportunity to play whatever kind of goblin tribe the player wants, from peaceful trade moguls to revenge-seeking marauders.

City builders with a quirk seem to be in vogue at the moment, and Goblins of Elderstone‘s need for sustainable growth and population management introduces a nice balancing act—one which I am still yet to master. I can’t seem to overcome the war of attrition the goblins face against both winter and the undead that the cold chill brings, but Goblins of Elderstone has numerous unfinished mechanics and in-development improvements that keep it on my list of games to watch. Each patch seems to bring a suite of improvements; the regular crashes I experienced several patches ago have been resolved, so now it is only my inability to successfully govern a goblin tribe that leads to disaster.

Goblins of Elderstone seems a fair way from completion, but the potential remains strong enough to maintain my interest. Narrative events, blessings of the gods, and interactions with other races all look to expand upon the core city building aspects, and I can see my desire to help the cute goblins develop a thriving community growing as updates are released. It feels thin on content at the moment—but there’s a strong chance that I’m just missing something, given my repeated struggles to successfully maintain a tribe—but Goblins of Elderstone should grow exponentially more interesting as development continues. If you’re keen on city builders or resource management games with cute-as-heck aesthetics, then I do recommend getting Goblins of Elderstone on your radar.

And, when you do, please let me know how to deal with this overwhelming skeleton problem I have.

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Dakoda is a doctoral student researching the intersection between videogames and chronic health conditions. He plays, critiques, and makes games. Other hobbies include eating too much sushi. His Twitter is @JiroJames.

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