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Published on July 5th, 2016 | by admin

Go Directly to Jail and Do Not Pass Go: Prison Architect Begins Its Sentence on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Today

Take Control of a Maximum Security Prison at All Major Retailers as Prison Architect Gets Locked Up For Life on Consoles

Sydney – 5th July, 2016 – Publisher and developer Double Eleven and Introversion Software announced that the best-selling and internationally lauded Prison Architect is now available in major retailers in Australia via physical copies on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $49.95.

Today’s availability of the title on consoles follows the resoundingly successful PC launch in 2015 from original creators Introversion Software, selling millions of copies to date and hosting one of the highest Metacritic scores for any video game released in 2015.  Independent developer and publisher Double Eleven have created Prison Architect for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from the ground up, with unique and seamless community features and DLC content.

In Prison Architect, players build and manage their own maximum security prison built to hold the most hardened of criminals. The console editions include a fully-fledged story mode that explores the gruesome and often convoluted matters of legal gray areas in the prison system, and a wildly in-depth sandbox mode featuring new in-game community features. These new features from developer and publisher Double Eleven allow players to build, maintain and share their maximum security prisons with the touch of a button on either console.

Cope with blazing infernos, prison wide riots, demolition and construction, and if you make it through unscathed the Mayor will be ready to give you the reigns of a brand new prison development where you can build the prison of your dreams.

To purchase Prison Architect for your preferred console, please check out or visit your local retailer.

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