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Ghost Stories Review (GPAC 2016)

Ghost Stories Review (GPAC 2016) Andrew Bistak

Summary: GHOST STORIES is a dramatic collection of the ghosts that successfully creates a fun and almost spooky experience live on stage.


Ghostly theatre!

From the London West End comes GHOST STORIES, a frightful collection of ghost stories narrated by an enigmatic Professor of Parapsychology which is filled with drama, humour and some well-timed scares. Ironically, there is not much information available in terms to what GHOST STORIES is about and this is done on purpose because there are a handful of clever twists as the audience is taken through the world of the supernatural.

So without spoiling GHOST STORIES, the friendly professor commences an introduction to the world of the paranormal through the ages that had the audience giggling from this bumbling academic. The scares commence when he introduces three characters to the stage as he goes into their story of what they experienced on their fateful nights.


The actors involved in the production do a good job of drawing you into their ghostly tales but what makes it even more melodramatic is the excellent lighting and stage effects that successfully recreate these ghost stories. Add in sound effects and some over the top acting to include an almost 80’s horror atmosphere and GHOST STORIES is an enjoyable supernatural thriller with a handful of scares that go hand in hand with the onstage tension.

Final Thoughts?

Currently touring Australia, GHOST STORIES is an interesting journey into the unknown with just the right amount of campiness to draw you in. Sure, it may not scare you like the latest supernatural blockbuster but it’s still a fun experience that successfully uses real-world effects to create a spooky atmosphere of things that go bump in the night!

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