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Get ready for fun on the run as the hunt for Invizimals hits TV screens across Australia!

Join the Hunt as the popular franchise covers new ground with the brand new animated TV series 

December, 2013:  Get in on the action as one of the most popular children’s franchises of all time storms onto your TV! Team up with scientist Kenichi (Keni) Nakamura and his Alliance of Invizimal Hunters as they embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries of The Invizimals™ world in the new animated series from BRB International, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE).

Invizimals debuted on Australian television with a 90 minute episode on Sunday 15th December 2013 at 6.00am on Channel ELEVEN. The second 90 minute installment airs at the same time on Sunday 22nd December. Don’t worry if you missed out, replays will be available to view again in January 2014 with the rest of the series (all 26 episodes) hitting your screens from July 2014!

The Invizimals are unique and incredibly powerful beings made of energy who have lived in our world – but in their own dimension – since long before history began. The Invizimals franchise, created in collaboration with Novarama for PlayStation®Portable, now includes three fantastic games Invizimals™, Invizimals™: Shadow Zone, and Invizimals™: The Lost Tribes. Gamers are able to join the hunt on PS Vita® with Invizimals™: The Alliance and Invizimals™: The Lost Kingdom on PlayStation®3.

In the exciting new animated series Keni is a young, super-gifted scientific researcher that discovers the Invizimals during a routine experiment. Together with his friend Jazmin, they are able to collaborate with the Invizimals and start developing some completely new and pioneering technology by using the Invizimals’ infinite and non-polluting source of energy. Just when everything is running smoothly, Keni’s laboratory is hacked by the X-Tractors, whose sole objective seems to be taking over their source of energy!

Keni needs help against this unknown enemy and enlists Hiro, a video game fanatic from Kyoto, Lima, a girl prodigy from Sao Paolo who’s already studying at the university at the age of 13 and Sam, a gadget geek from London. This group of unlikely heroes from different corners of the earth form the elite Z-1 Unit of the Alliance whose mission is to explore the mysterious world of the Invizimals!

Just like the games, the new animated series incorporates augmented-reality techniques, where viewers will be able to unlock additional content from the series exclusively via their PS Vita and other mobile devices.

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