Published on March 8th, 2018 | by Chris O'Connor

Get Naked OGN Comic Review

Get Naked OGN Comic Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: Get naked metaphorically and literally in this collection of short stories that travel the globe examining individual and cultural approaches to getting naked.


Nuddy Up

Get Naked is certainly a provocative title and it does bare a very literal relevance to the stories contained within… but it goes beyond the simple act of disrobing and explores our personal relationship with being nude and the different contexts we can find ourselves in said sans clothing state. Steven Seagle does a great job of taking us on his worldly adventures in a sort of Lonely Planet guide for naked enthusiasts.


Steven has managed to pull together a number of stories from his time traveling the globe and thread them all together with the common theme of getting naked. In and of itself that might sound mildly enticing for the sake of being a chance risque, but it’s what is explored through those tales of getting naked that really forms the strength of these essays. By examining how we behave when naked in different environments, in front of different people and in different places he explores our psychology. The fact that one society practically goes into shutdown if the mere thought of being naked in front of someone else, especially someone you are not married to, is considered while another features swimming pools in which a clothed person would be looked at with confusion and possibly offence. In reading of Steven’s “adventures” you may find yourself having your own realisation about your own views of being naked.


Having so many talented artists lend their skills to this collection of essays makes flicking through the pages an experience of surprising exposure of its own sort. The styles vary quite a bit but there’s always that familiar face to lead you from one panel to the next or to hold your hand as you dive into the next naked adventure. Each new story is also prefaced by postcard/travel poster style art that really looks like something you’d casually pick up from a local bookstore (and if you did they would no doubt make great book marks for reading this comic or wall art for your reading room).

Final Thoughts

I’ve read a few of these graphic essay style comics recently and I have to say I’ve been enjoying them a lot. Whether it’s the chance to live life vicariously through the adventures of someone else or just the glimpses into different cultures and lifestyles (or a combination of those and more), I always find myself with a grin on my face learning about things that could be deemed mundane yet somehow gain extra meaning when told in this format. Steven Seagle has continued that joy with this exploration of what it means to get naked… all around the world. If nothing else, it may make you want to visit a Korean Spa.

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Steven T. Seagle
Artist: Emei Olivia Burell, Tina Burholt, Patricia Amelie Eckerle, Christoffer Hammer, Andrada-Aurora Hansen, Rebekka Davidson Hestbaek, Hope Hjort, Angelica Inigo Jorgensen, Bob Lundgreen Kristiansen, Silja Lin, Sim Mau, Ingvild Marie Methi, Thorbjorn Petersen, Aske Schmidt Rose, Erlend Hjortland Sandoy, Mads Ellegard Skovbakke, Cecilie “Q” Maintz Thorsen, Fred Tornager, Thomas Vium
Cover Artist: Mads Ellegard Skovbakke
Genre: Graphic Essay, Reality
Format: 284 pgs, FC, OGN
Release Date: 7th February, 2018

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