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Gemgem Cosplay Interview

Welcome to Impulse Gamer Gemgem! Besides being an amazing cosplayer, what does Gemgem do in her secret identity?

Um…  not too much these days! Just working casual part-time and when I’m not working, I’m getting things ready for next year or watching Netflix.


So how did you become involved in cosplay?

I started out cosplaying after going to a small convention in Canberra with some friends who happened to all be cosplayers and it looked really fun. The next convention coming up was Sydney Supanova so I decided to cosplay my favourite DC Character which is of course is Harley Quinn and I just fell in love with it from then.


What’s your favourite part of cosplay and why?

I think it would have to be either the community itself or just the freedom to express yourself. You can take a character and make it your own and put little personal twists into your cosplay that give it a slight quirk or you can cosplay the exact character to the last detail and still have a hell of a lot of fun.


Can you walk us through designing one of your cosplays?

When I decide what character I’m cosplaying, I sit down and think of what I want my cosplay to be like in relation to the character like is it cute or crazy or so on. I then decide if I’m going to follow that trend or make it my own .


When you first see yourself wearing your completed costume, what do you think?

Ha like most cosplayers I pick out a lot of things I don’t like first or wish I had more time for detail, but it’s always fun to see it come together on the day and have people come up and talk to you about it .


To date, what’s been your favourite character that you have cosplayed?

I think it would have to be female Joker. The Joker and Harley Quinn are my favourite and it was a cosplay that I was continuously working on. It never looked the same twice from the makeup up to the cosplay itself, I changed even small thinks when I could. It was really fun .


What do you enjoy most about conventions?

Getting to see my friends a lot of the time it’s the only time of the year we can all get time off and catch up or travel that far so it’s just a great way to spend a few days with them and have fun.


Tell us some of your inspirations in the characters you’ve played?

I think it comes down to cosplaying characters I enjoy .I don’t like to cosplay something I haven’t seen or don’t enjoy. Artemis which was the most expensive cosplay I have made to this day is a character I really feel in love with and spent a lot of time trying to make sure it was right.


So… What are you most looking forward to in 2016?

Well for me 2016 is going to be a little crazy I’m actually moving to the states at the end of February and getting married so I’m so excited for that. Also being able to attend American conventions will be a great opportunity


Have you see Star Wars the Force Awakens and what did you think?

Ahhh no I haven’t and I’m a massive star wars fan! I have promised my fiancé that I wouldn’t watch it without him so true to my word I haven’t yet… hah the things we do for love.


Lastly, where can we find out more about you?

Easiest way to follow along with me and my cosplay journey is threw Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, all having the same user name gemgemcosplay.

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