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Geek Pride Day: This Friday

From Whovian to Newvian, Trekkie to Star Wars fan, we’re all a little bit of a geek at heart. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Potterhead or a Frakhead, either would know that externally backing up your favourite ep, movie, or meme means you can access it without overfilling your computer’s storage.

Good external storage can not only give anyone quick access to important documents, videos, and images anywhere, anytime, but it can also make small, everyday tasks a bit more user-friendly.

Ahead of Geek Pride Day on 25 May, Western Digital has shared its top tips to help Aussies geekify their everyday lives with external storage.

Western Digital’s storage hacks to geek out your everyday life:

  1. Geek out on the go – Keep your favourite apps on a USB and take them with you. The SanDisk Wireless Connect Stick comes in large sizes of up to 256GB so you can always have your emergency apps in your pocket.
  2. Log your logins – Store a copy of your passwords on a storage device and never forget a login again. The WD My Passport SSD has hardware encryption and password protection, so your info will be safer than a vault at Gringotts.
  3. E.T. phone home – Ever wish you could show someone a photo but don’t have it on your phone? Show your friends and family your favourite snaps with a wireless cloud device. A storage device like the WD My Cloud Homecan plug into your Wi-Fi router at home to let you save, organise and control all your files in one place and access them from anywhere.
  4. Run, Forrest, Run – Keep everyone busy on the long haul road trip with a portable wireless drive. A drive like the WD My Passport Wireless Pro can simultaneously stream HD videos to up to 8 multiple connected devices, so everyone can geek out on their favourites. With up to 10 hours of battery life, it’s with you for the long run.
  5. Make like Thor and give yourself space – Running out of space on your phone to take pics is a technological nightmare. If you know you’re about to go to Comic-Con and need more space for photos of your cosplay, a drive that plugs straight into your phone like the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive will give you space immediately so you’re always ready to keep snapping!

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