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Digital Playground's Stoya Interview


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Impulse Gamer goes One on One with Stoya

Stoya at the Mantra, Lorne Australia

LORNE, Australia, March 27, 2009. Impulse Gamer interviews Digital Playground's Stoya, who is smart, sexy and sassy and is as far away as possible from the stereotypically porn star that the media tries to sensationalize. She knows what Cosplay is and regularly updates her Twitter page. Stoya has won a plethora of awards in 2008, including the AVN Best New Starlet and XBIZ New Starlet of the Year. She loves her job as an adult film star and is a huge fan of science fiction and knows exactly where she is headed.

She even taught me a new word, "vignette" and threatened to rip my balls off if I sold her autographed photos on eBay. Dubbed a "force of nature", Impulse Gamer would have to agree and thanks to Seymour from Calvista (, Australia's Premier Adult Distributor and Adella, Public Relations from Digital Playground (, one of the world's most professional and most popular adult film companies, we were given an exclusive one on one interview with this force of nature who also had a killer sense of humour.

Podcast Interview Coming soon

Impulse Gamer: What brings you to Australia?

Stoya: Adultex, it's an industry only trade show where apparently there are quite a few big business deals being made and things like that. I'm just that the talent and my job is to just smile at people and be bright eye and busy tailed and do promotional media.

Impulse Gamer: Can you see any more of Australia?

Stoya: I believe we go to Melbourne when the shows over and I'm there that evening and have a photo shoot with one of your adult magazines here. And then I fly out but I heard rumors that I might get brought back for a consumer trade show where I can actually meet the fans. It would be really awesome, so hint HINT!

Impulse Gamer:
Would that be SEXPO?

Stoya: I think that is the big trade show that you guys do and I think that anybody hearing this should e-mail them everyday. Tell all your friends. (Wish to see Stoya at SEXPO, e-mail now!)

Impulse Gamer: So who is Stoya, tell us a little about yourself.

Stoya: "Stoya" gets fucked on camera in various orifices by various combinations of people, males, female, sometimes more than one at the same time. I have fun with it.

Stoya at the Mantra, Lorne Australia

Impulse Gamer: Stoya is your acting name, how did you come up with that?

Stoya: My grandmother's last name which it ended up a nickname because my given name is very very common. When I started posing for nude photographs for web sites like God's Girls and stuff like that,  they only use one name so Stoya worked perfectly so no real thought needed to be put into it.

Impulse Gamer:
And now you're a trade mark? :)

Stoya: Yes and now my last name is TM.

Impulse Gamer: What about before Stoya, what were you doing, before you became a model, what was your life about?

Stoya: Gosh! I guess I was 18 when I started like go-go dancing for fetish nights and stuff like that, I just didn't do anything on camera where there would be a record of it for ever and ever all over the internet for the rest of my life that everyone I will ever know will probably see it at some point.

Until I was maybe 19, coming up on 20 before I really started doing that because I didn't want to do something that I thought at the time was something I wanted to do and then maybe regret it later. So I waited until I thought I was old enough. During the day I was working as a secretary in a law office actually.

Stoya at the Mantra, Lorne Australia

Impulse Gamer: So that was your secret identity?

Stoya: Yes! Like Clark Kent. We should make a movie like that, it would be kind of entertaining.

Copyright DC Comics
Lois Lane pushes Superman aside,
let's hope Digital Playground gives Stoya a superhero movie!

Impulse Gamer: What are your favourite aspects of being an adult film star.

Stoya: It's really hard to just pick just one. It's a kind of a really awesome job.

Impulse Gamer:
Is it a lifestyle as well? Is there a difference between the Stoya we see on camera and off camera?

Stoya: The only difference between me at home and me at work is you have to be careful not to go out in public when there's an event going on like this wearing sweatpants and flip-flops. That's the only real difference.

Normally at home if I've been out the night before and I woke up and had like mascara under here, I wouldn't care. You know what, I need cigarettes or I need orange juice from the grocery store and I'm just going to go but when I'm at work, I'm like wait wait, I need to check in the mirror first.

Impulse Gamer:
Some of your scenes are quite physical, have you ever hurt yourself or someone on the set?

Stoya at the Mantra, Lorne Australia

Stoya: Actually Cheerleaders! In cheerleaders, the nine girl orgy in the locker room, I sprained my tongue and I had a phone interview the next day with people down here so long distance, calling a different country and the whole time [Stoya's put a funny voice] I was talking this, I'm really sorry we just finished this movie, it's totally awesome but I sprained by tongue and can't talk right, I was eating some girls pussy. It was so bad and it went away after a couple days.

Impulse Gamer: That's a pretty good track record, considering?

Stoya: As a digital playground contract star, I only work with the best people in the industry and they all know what they're doing and they've been doing what they do for a very long time. They're extremely respectful of your limits and how far you can be pushed and want to be pushed. So we're really there to have fun.

Copyright Digital Playground 2008

Impulse Gamer: The behind the scene featurettes of your movies shows a different side to the adult industry when you're goofing around that viewers can really relate to and highlights that the industry is not a dark and seedy world.

Stoya: You know, I feel like media in general, like the big television networks and things like that, they like things that are sensational. Like if you turn on the news, you will see stories about people who got shot, wars, anything that's dark and gloomy and sad or like violent because that's how they get attention.

So when they talk about the adult industry, you only see like the 3% that is sad or exploitative, they don't want to talk about "oh, nice girl with a high sex drive and strong exhibitionist streak, hooks up with this great company and they're all happy and wonderful". Because in the format they present the news in, there's no story there. The only part that they show you is a very very small part. Most of the girls are really happy with what they do, I'm really happy with what I do and of course the Men are EXTREMELY HAPPY with what they do.

Impulse Gamer: What is the next movie that you will be appearing in?

Stoya: You know what, that gets a little tricky because I know that when we make a movie in America, we'll shoot all kinds of stuff from softcore to as hardcore as I feel like going that day and then some of it is actually too extreme for the American Market, I don't know what they do with that.

I don't know if they can sell it in Germany and like put it in or if they just leave it on the cutting room floor, I don't know what they do. Then we have to take what's ok for America and send it down here and Calvista actually has to edit a lot out to make it acceptable to the Australian market. Even for the XXX rating, they have to cut allot of it and sometimes it takes a few of tries, they'll cut, then they send it and it gets denied. I have no idea of what point it becomes available, I probably should have asked about that this before we did this.

Impulse Gamer: What is your current favourite Digital Playground Movie?

Nurses on Blu-ray
Copyright Digital Playground 2008

Stoya: I really like Nurses, I know you're always suppose to push the newest anyway but I really genuinely loved making nurses, it was awesome and I liked the plot.

Impulse Gamer: What are your favourite adult film genres?

Stoya: We have of course pirates which is heavily scripted and then we have the Cheerleaders and Nurses. We just shot a movie called Teachers but that won't even out be in America for 6 to 8 months. So, I probably shouldn't have even mentioned that. Sorry to get your hopes up!

Impulse Gamer: The editing process is quite long?

Yeah, it's really long. We have those movies and they have a heavy plot. Sometimes they go through the whole film and then we do vignettes where each scene has maybe five, six pages of dialoged before it. I don't really like that.

I like the big ones that have like a huge script or I like the gonzo where it's our director with the hand held video camera and he's like do you know what, lets do something really silly and totally stereotypically. Like the Pizza Man setup, "Oh no, I can't find my wallet, how am I ever going to pay you?" or like "Oh Mr. Maintenance Man, I think I have a couple of screws loose in my vagina. Do you have a tool that could fix that?

Impulse Gamer
: So cliché!

Stoya: Yeah, it's kind of fun to poke fun at ourselves, I like the extreme ends. Vignettes I have no use for, expect for Atomic Tease because it was beautiful, it was very beautifully styled.

Impulse Gamer: What's your future? How long will you stay in the industry for?

Stoya: I don't know, I don't want to jinx it, I don't want to decide that I'm only going to be in for a couple of years and maybe miss opportunities because I'm being short sighted. At the same time, I don't want to count on being in the industry for a very long period of time because you never know when the certain look that I have, the popularity of it may expire.

I might, gosh! I might like trip into a barbeque and have a barbeque face and then not be able to work anymore because nobody wants to look at a barbeque face. I'm not even sure what that would look like? You really never know.

Copyright DC Comics Arseface from Preacher
(This picture is for Stoya and let's hope we'll never see a Barbeque Face in the adult industry)

Impulse Gamer: You'll see which way life takes you and you'll go from there?

Stoya: Pretty much.

Impulse Gamer: What about the Internet, we know you have your own webpage and a Twitter page?

Stoya: I really like twitter, I have a MySpace page, and twitter/stoya. Twitter is amazing, it's really nifty.

( &

Impulse Gamer: The Australian government wishes to add a Filter on the Internet in Australia and monitor what we are allowed to see. What are your thoughts on this?

Stoya: You know what, the internet when it was put together, it really started to become not like mainstream but frequently used in the mid 80's and then the world wide web which is known as the internet today, having web pages and computers talking to each other. The internet was kind of weird as everybody was speaking a different language and now the world wide web had them speak the same sort of programming language.

The beautiful thing about it though is that information could be uploaded and shared freely and there was no censorship, so everything from you know, different types of sex acts were available on the internet through to maybe your hobby to write romance novels and you cant find a publisher. Well, you could put it up on a website online and at least share your work with people. And then from things like that, people have gotten book deals.

Stoya at the Mantra, Lorne Australia

That was the beauty of it [the internet] was that there was no censorship anywhere, be it the censorship of an editor saying no that's not good enough to put money into publishing or the censorship of a government saying no we don't want you to see that.

For instance, when 911 happened, The American government wasn't really being very forthright with their citizens about what was going but you could easily go the BBC website or if you were lucky enough to have access to someone that could translate, you could even hear what Afghanistan and Iraq had to say in their newspapers and then begin to kind of piece together what's really going on.

Impulse Gamer: A different perspective?

Stoya: Yes, for any country to begin censoring the internet, it just sucks. It sort of like spoils the whole fun of it and America's has talked about it too. I know that China does and something about it is just completely against the spirit of what the internet was meant to be which is a free exchange of information.

Impulse Gamer: It's a good medium to promote the adult world as well?

Stoya: Very True. Very very true!

Probably without the internet as it is today, I would not be here, my movies would not be sold in Australia. Because without email and the ability to make contact, or without things like MySpace and Twitter for me to be able to get in touch with what fan base I do have in Australia, there's no demands for me or my movies here.

Impulse Gamer: On to something totally different, what's your all time favourite game or are you playing anything at the moment?

Civilization IV, Copyright Firaxis Games and 2K Games

Stoya: I don't have time to play games anymore because I'll literally loose days of my life. My phone will be going off, people will be ringing my door bell and I won't care. I really like Sid Meier's Civilization, that was my favourite. I could sit there all day and build empires and crush all the other little empires and do it all over again. Keep me happy!

Impulse Gamer: That about raps it up Stoya and thanks for your time with Impulse Gamer and hopefully we'll see you here for SEXPO later this year.

Stoya in Stoya Scream
Copyright Digital Playground 2009

Stoya: Hint hint! Thank you

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