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Game of Knowns Review

Game of Knowns Review admin

Summary: Best of all, the topics that Dr. Karl has collated together will keep you glued to the pages which makes this a very hard book to put down.


Factually fun!

Game of Knowns (Science is Coming)
Author: Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki
Genre: Science
Publisher: MacMillan
Format: Hardcover
Cost: $32.99AUD
Pages: 291

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is back again in another highly entertaining book entitled GAME OF KNOWNS which contains some of world’s most amazing scientific facts and evidence that will leave you much wiser but with more questions about this wonderful universe that we live in. With a spin and homage from Game of Thrones, science king Karl Kruszelnicki graces the cover with his colourful shirt and socks and in this book, he shares his knowledgeable brain with us mere mortals that is filled with wonderful facts that actually makes this book an amalgam of education and entertainment… or edutainment for short.

Game of Knowns is also split into 32 different topics from 3D Printing, Dark Matter, the wisdom of psychopaths to whether the Earth is losing weight? With that in mind, this book is totally filled with interesting facets such as why Cicadas are linked to Prime Numbers and that female bees are considerably harder working than male bees. I also enjoyed how Dr. Karl litters the book with interesting titbits such as the blueprints for a 3D printer gun was downloaded more than 100,000 times but most people don’t know that this nail gun only worked a handful of times.

Apart from the more traditional science facts, Dr. Karl goes into the psychological aspect of humans as well such as the topic on phoney relationships and whether smart phones have changed modern relationships, especially with the inclusion of Social Media. For those lovers of Games of Thrones, there is a great chapter on Psychopath Wisdom where Dr. Karl talks about the similar characteristic between psychopaths and great people like athletes and surgeons. He also touches on why a psychopathic customs officer are the best people to see things that most of us cannot. Game of Knowns also reads extremely well and before you know it, you’ll have finished this wonderful book and left with fun facts like why the left side of the face is more attractive or why our skin wrinkles in the bath.

Final Thoughts?

Game of Knowns is a very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable read from scientist and author Dr. Karl who successfully translates something that is generally quite complicated into easily read segments. Best of all, the topics that Dr. Karl has collated together will keep you glued to the pages which makes this a very hard book to put down.

Highly Recommended!


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