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Gambitious Launches Brute-Force Action Brawler Redeemer

AMSTERDAM & MOSCOW – Aug.1, 2017 – Gambitious Digital Entertainment independent developer Sobaka Studio have released the top-down action game Redeemer on Windows PC via Steam for AU$16.99. Redeemer is a close-quarters brawler designed for fans of the genre, featuring a story-driven single-player campaign and challenging Arena Mode that pits players against hordes of enemies.

Redeemer’s single-player story follows a former elite operative whose violent past finally catches up with him after years of living in hiding within a remote mountain monastery. Punch, kick, hammer, hack, smash and shoot through hordes of enemies on a merciless mission for justice against the shadowy corporate forces you once worked for. From hard-hitting stealth takedowns to over-the-top environmental kills, every move bursts with raw energy and visceral sound design.

Sneak around levels undetected to perform silent takedowns, or charge through enemies with reckless fury, using the environment to smash, impale and set foes ablaze. Use unique combat moves to parry, disarm and dismember opponents, then execute the final blow with a collection of bone-crushing fighting strikes, combos and finishers.

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