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Fusion DC Review (2022)

Fusion DC Review (2022) Tim Chuma

Summary: One for DC fans or those wanting to find out more about the system. Currently not available seperately but worth a look if you can find it.


For DC fans

A bit of a bonus magazine I got for getting the pre-order for all the Fusion annuals. I am not sure if this one is available by itself or just as a bonus as I can’t find a way to buy it on the website.

Unlike other Dreamcast magazines I have backed on Kickstarter this one is actually AVAILABLE and I can read it now.

For a system derided as a “failure” it certainly still has a cult following. I know I sold all my Dreamcast games as a job lot for almost $300 (couldn’t be bothered separating them) and the non-spinning up Dreamcast console went in the bin. I had the console and games for about 18 years and kept buying games for several years after the consoles “death” including just Skies of Arcadia for several years. I should have bought another console as a backup when they were only $50. I had paid 10 times that one release.

A lot of stuff that went into developing the Dreamcast came out in other consoles such as the Xbox which is based on a similar concept and they both had a Windows operating system installed on them. It really was on a hiding to nothing when Sony announced the PS2 but I was happy to have it.

This did still manage to have quite a few things I haven’t heard about the Dreamcast such as the details of the NAOMI board and newer versions, Sakura Wars, the peripherals and the interview with the developer of a new Dreamcast game.

Not sure if this magazine is going to get an annual or regular publication any time soon but it is still good to have as a bonus and I would recommend it if you can find a copy if you want to know a bit more about the Dreamcast.


Magazine details:

Editor in Chief: Chris Wilkins

Guest Editor: Retro Faith

Layout: Ben Honebone, Alan Hammeron

Cover: Trevor Storey

Contributions from: Retro Faith, Andrew Fisher, Marc Jowett, Ben Honebone, Nicholas McDonald

Format: A5, 51 pages

Publisher: Fusion Retro Books



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The Wonderful World of Dreamcast Peripherals

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Fusion Love: SFIII Third Strike

Sakura Wars

Developer Interview: Retro Sumus

Shenmue and Its Impact on Open World Games



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