Published on March 31st, 2021 | by Adrian Gunning

Fortnite receives GPU performance and resolution boost on Switch

Today, Nintendo Switch owners can enjoy an enhanced Fortnite experience, with a significant resolution increase across Handheld and Docked mode. By upgrading Fortnite’s renderer on the Nintendo Switch to make better use of the console’s GPU, players can expect a 38% increase in pixels in handheld mode, which means images are less blurry without loss of performance.

Expected resolutions

Expected Resolutions Before After
Handheld     1000 x 560     1170 x 660
Docked     1390 x 780     1560 x 880

This update also provides a more consistent frame rate for Fortnite Nintendo Switch players, with fewer hitches, and will save players about 140MB of store space.

The screenshots below show how the game’s visuals looked before and after the new update.

For more information about the update, please visit the official blog post.

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