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Vile Monarch and Ravenscourt are proud to unveil Floodland, a post-catastrophic survival city builder, set in Earth’s devastated wetlands and due for release on 15 November 2022.
The world’s sea levels rise dramatically, due to consequences of man-made climate change and a resulting chain of catastrophes, plunging humanity into a new dark age.

A brand new teaser released today gives some insight into the events leading up to the catastrophe that set mankind back hundreds – if not thousands – of years.

The game is developed by Polish studio Vile Monarch – founded by Kacper Kwiatkowski and Grzegorz Mazur, both of whom worked on ‘This War of Mine’ – and so have a history of taking real world problems and translating them into a gaming environment.

“Grzegorz and I came up with the idea for Floodland when we discussed conventions that are unexplored in games – one of them being ‘mature and realistic post apocalypse’; with examples in other media such as The Road, Children of Men or even The Walking Dead; in games, The Last of Us would be the closest”, said Mr Kwiatkowski.

“It felt especially timely and important to use these kinds of stories to let us discuss the challenges of the world nowadays“, he added.

Starting off on the outskirts of a drowned city, you have to lead your small group of nomads, to rebuild society from the ground (puddle) up. You do this by exploring the remains of the flooded city and scouring it for resources, relearning basic agriculture and fishing skills and turning a group of stragglers living in tents in a swamp into a thriving town.

Players do this through establishing and upgrading new buildings, repurposing old ones and researching ‘new’ (or relearning old tech) enabling you to overcome the numerous challenges you face.

But people will be people and the larger your settlement grows – and the more habitants it will have – the higher the chance societal issues will arise, meaning you may well face the same problems the old world had.
The question is, how will you manage your clans; will you unite the remnant of humanity or will you choose division and isolation? Either way, you will shape the society of tomorrow.

“We’re firm believers that games are capable of talking about important topics – but being interactive, they have the advantage over other media, that they don’t have to resort to just serving a message.

“Floodland’s goal is not to preach but to explore choices, consequences and the concept of responsibility from various angles,” added Mr Kwiatkowski.

Floodland will be releasing on Steam and GOG 15 November this year.

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