Published on March 24th, 2022 | by Adrian Gunning Launches World-first Nicolas Cage Online Initiative

Australia’s biggest movie website,, has launched The Cage Gauge – a world-first online initiative devoted to the career and art of Nicolas Cage.

The project is described by its writer and creator, film critic Luke Buckmaster, as a work of “celebration and excavation,” revisiting all the prolific actor’s films and assessing them by the unique elements that make Cage one of cinema’s most original and distinctive actors.

With 98 films watched and profiled, including numerous hard-to-track down releases, the initiative totals more than 17,000 words and took approximately 18 months to complete. It will be continually updated upon the release of every new Nicolas Cage movie and launches in the lead up to his new meta-comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (which opens in Australian cinemas on April 21).

“The core philosophy underlying The Cage Gauge is that every Nicolas Cage movie is worth watching – because every Nicolas Cage movie has Nicolas Cage in it,” says Buckmaster.

“Cage’s collection of films represents one of the most substantial and eclectic contributions to cinema from any actor in history. Cage is such a powerful actor he challenges the deeply entrenched auteur system, effectively becoming a co-author of his films.”

Continues Buckmaster: “The Cage Gauge orders his work not by judging what Cage’s ‘best’ films are, but which films best reflect and enable the performative qualities that make Cage such a well-loved actor. Ranking his work in such a way is an inherently subjective exercise. The point is ultimately to celebrate his work, in its many forms.”

According to Buckmaster, the top five Nicolas Cage movies are: Vampire’s Kiss, Pig, Raising Arizona, Mandy and The Weatherman. Here are the 33 best Nicolas Cage movies, according to The Cage Gauge. Or read the full list at

The publisher of Flicks, Paul Scantlebury, describes Buckmaster’s devotion to writing about every Nic Cage movie as “near-pathological,” adding: “We are proud to finally unveil this work of intense fandom.” is Australia’s most authoritative and comprehensive movie website, helping Australians find what to watch and where to watch it – in cinemas or at home streaming.

In addition to providing up-to-date listings for all major streaming platforms, and session times for cinemas, the website has a strong editorial focus and supports Australian writers.

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