Published on December 21st, 2023 | by James Wright

First Mate Lenny Book Review

First Mate Lenny Book Review James Wright

Summary: First Mate Lenny is a delightful story about a boy growing up on a sailing boat


Sailing smoothly

First Mate Lenny is a truly delightful hardcover by Elayna Carasu that is not only well-written but beautifully illustrated by Sandra Eide which brings this heart-warming story to life.

The story revolves around Lenny whose parents are sailing around the world and it is about his adventures growing up, including challenging the fears that are also associated with growing up. There’s also wonder around Lenny from beautiful sandy beaches to turtles that swim in the ocean as he becomes more accustomed to the world.

From life on a boat to being part of a day care to going to a beach, these are all different activities for our first mate, however with the support and love from his parents, he not only learns this place in the world but accepts that it is okay to be scared of new things and by moving forward, this helps us grow.

Further, the text flows well and when accompanied with the illustrations, it really drew my children Lenny’s unique story – check out the above and below images from the book!

Final Thoughts?

First Mate Lenny ends with Lenny welcoming his new sibling into the world with our first mate knowing that they will be also scared of new things but as he knows, it will be okay and he will be there to help like his parents.


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