Published on August 6th, 2020 | by Alex Novus

First Look – ‘Strange Adventures’ #5 hits shelves September 8!

Coming up in Strange Adventures #5 on September 8, Mr. Terrific is back on Earth, and he’s making things hot for Adam Strange—but he also might get a little burned himself! The conflict is out in the open now, and the court of public opinion doesn’t play fair.

Mr. Terrific was picked to investigate the accusations against Adam Strange because he was the most impartial member of the Justice League-but can even he keep all of this from getting personal?

On Mr. Terrific, in a review of Strange Adventures #4 CBR says “Strange Adventures has emphasized how cool and effective Mister Terrific is, never seeming out of control of any situation and showing exactly why he belongs among the best heroes of the Justice Society” while AiPT says Mr. Terrific is “an impressive character in this issue and the series…he continues to show a sense of courage and purpose that’s unrivaled.”

Plus, as we witness more of Adam’s adventures in outer space, will his version of events jibe with the facts, or will they continue to drift further apart? Find out in the series everyone is talking about by one of the most acclaimed creative teams in comics!

Shipping monthly, Strange Adventures #5, by Tom King, Mitch Gerads and Evan “Doc” Shaner, will hit shelves on September 8. Strange Adventures #1 through #4 are available now.

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