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SQUARE ENIX® is today celebrating the official launch of critically acclaimed MMORPG FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online’s Oceania Data Centre and announcing the various methods in which its launch will be supported.

Launching alongside Patch 6.08 today, the Oceania Data Centre will be accessible for new character creation, with Home World Transfers being permitted from 26th January. Five Worlds will be available at this time, with all Worlds being designated as “New Worlds”, meaning players who transfer to or create new characters on them will receive special bonuses, including:

  • Free Home World Transfer for players transferring from another World
  • Double EXP for both newly created and transferred characters (up to Level 80)
  • Gold and Silver Chocobo Feathers exchangeable for special in-game rewards
  • And more…

Full details on the various perks and bonuses can be viewed here:

To celebrate the launch, a map of Australia and New Zealand has been created in the style of the in-game world map of Hydaelyn. It contains major cities and landmarks, alongside a selection of in-game creatures that may be familiar for those in the region. A desktop wallpaper version of the map is available to download here:

Primarily planned to support a smoother play experience for all in the Oceania region, the Oceania Data Centre also marks the first part of a plan to expand global server capacity for the game and combat congestion in the face of continually growing player numbers.

Additionally, due to the opening of the Oceania Data Centre raising the global server capacity and the fact existing players’ play time and log-in tendencies are gradually returning to normal, the decision has been made to resume sales of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Starter Edition and Complete Edition as of today. New registrations for the Free Trial remain suspended as of today, but the situation will be monitored regularly to identify a time in which registrations can be reopened.

Full details on sales resuming and the future planned expansions for the North American, European, and Japanese Data Centres can be found here:

Finally, the All Saints’ Wake in-game event is currently underway in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online. From today until 2nd February, players wishing to partake in this year’s spooky event should seek out the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator in Old Gridania and embark on their quest to obtain some special rewards, including:

  • Clown’s Outfit– Clothing Set
  • Modern Cosmetics– Clowning Around – Face Paint
  • Haunted Pumpkin Set– Outdoor Furnishing Item
  • Pumpkin Flower Vase– Tabletop Furnishing Item

Moredetails on this year’s All Saints’ Wake event can be found here:

The Endwalker main theme song is available for digital download and features vocals by Sam Carter from the chart-topping band Architects. You can watch the official music video here:

Players looking to get the most out of their in-game audio experience are invited to try Embody’s new “Immerse Gamepack FINAL FANTASY XIV Edition,” which offers a Personalised Spatial Audio experience in FINAL FANTASY XIV. Learn more and try out a 14-day free trial at:

For more information on FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker, visit the official site at:

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