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Final Fantasy Explorers Legacy Trailer & Infographic

SYDNEY, 20TH January 2016Square Enix Ltd., today released a brand new trailer for its upcoming Nintendo 3DS action role-playing adventure FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS®. The new legacy trailer showcases all the great hallmarks from the FINAL FANTASY® series that fans can expect to see in this brand-new quest.

The new trailer showcases some of the classic FINAL FANTASY characters featured in FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS, allowing players to transform into their favourite heroes – including Cloud, Yuna and Lightning – each with their own unique skillset and abilities. In FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS players can also summon, recruit and level-up monsters, as well as battle against a variety of legendary FINAL FANTASY eidolons.

Square Enix Ltd., have also released an infographic highlighting the 11 classic FINAL FANTASY® characters players can transform into in the upcoming multiplayer action role-playing adventure, FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS®. During battle, while in Trance Mode, players can harness the incredible power of legendary FINAL FANTASY characters and utilise their ultimate attacks. Clever use of the Trance system is one of the keys to defeating foes. Fans will recognize the popular moves of their favourite characters, including Cloud’s Omnislash (FINAL FANTASY VII), Terra’s Riot Blade (FINAL FANTASY VI) and Tidus’ Blitz Ace (FINAL FANTASY X). Players can unlock the characters by speaking to the local town moogles for rare quests that reward special character magicites, which you can equip at the town’s central crystal

FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS arrives across Australia & New Zealand on 29th January 2016, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS


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