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FIFINE K658 USB Dynamic Cardioid Microphone Review @FIFINEMIC

FIFINE K658 USB Dynamic Cardioid Microphone Review @FIFINEMIC Ali Arkani

Summary: The FIFINE K658 Gaming Microphone is an affordably priced budget steaming mic!


Budget streaming

FIFINE K658 is the latest cardioid microphone from a relatively young Chinese company. This gaming microphone is ideal for streaming and podcasting with some great features.

As already mentioned, K658 is a dynamic cardioid mic which means it works best for capturing the audio in a unidirectional pattern in front of the microphone. Thanks to this polarity, K658 captures little to no noise from the surrounding. If the user speaks directly into the mic from around 10-12 cm away, most chatter or any other kind of noise in a radius greater than four meters away from the mic is almost non-existence.

FIFINE K658 comes with a metal tripod and a plastic shock mount. The tripod is good for podcasting since it allows vertical adjustments to the mic for getting the optimal angle. For streaming though, the tripod is too short and a boom arm is recommended. The mic comes with a 3.8” to 5.8” adaptor, maximizing the compatibility of the mic with boom arms. The plastic shock mount is well-made too. It is not as good as the pricy metal ones in eliminating movement noises but it gets the job done.

The build quality and physical aesthetics of the mic are pretty satisfying. The metallic body is smooth to touch but solid and sturdy. The main capsule is protected by an inner metallic mesh and an outer pop filter. The pop filter can be easily unscrewed with the hands for cleaning and maintenance.

What makes K658 a good mic is the features it brings to the table. The official technical specs of the mic are as follows:

Bit Depth/Sample Rate 16-bit/48kHz
Frequency Response  70Hz-15kHz
S/N Ratio ≥-70dBA
Max. SPL 110 dB
Sensitivity -50±3dB (at 1kHz)
Equivalent Noise

(Microphone control at 100%, software input at 11dB)


FIFINE K658 is powered by a USB Type-C port and it has a headphone jack for listening to and monitoring the audio output. There is a gain control dial on the mic that allows hardware volume gain control and on the top of the dial rests the touch-sensitive mute button. The mute button is so sensitive and accurate that it cuts and restores the voice without any hearable noise. K658 is equipped with rainbow-colored RGB lighting. There is a touch-sensitive button under the mic that turns the RGB lights on or off. Unfortunately, FIFINE provides no software services with the mic, thus, there is no way to fine-tune and change the lighting and there are no other options except for rainbow color or off.

Final Thoughts?

FIFINE K658 is a good budget streaming and podcasting microphone. The build quality, RGB lighting, hardware audio control options, and recording quality are good, but the mic lacks software for doing audio fine-tuning or RGB lights control as well as additional recording patterns. Some other budget microphones such as HyperX QuadCast S or Blue Yeti not only come with their own software but also provide multiple recording patterns (Stereo, Omnidirectional, Cardioid, and Bidirectional) in a single mic that adds recording flexibility to the table.

For more information, please visit https://fifinemicrophone.com/products/fifine-k658-usb-dynamic-microphone

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