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Fetch TV Mighty Review (2017)

Fetch TV Mighty Review (2017) James Wright

Summary: The Fetch TV Mighty is almost the only entertainment device you need!


Mighty indeed!

With a RRP of $399AUD (May 2017), the Fetch TV Mighty is a hybrid entertainment set-top box that not only allows user to record their favourite TV shows but it gives them access to a plethora of internet and paid content to increase their TV viewing. Also, it offers you a quad PVR with 1TB HDD which allows up to six recordings and almost 600 hours of SD recordings.

Furthermore and with the final demise of Australian TiVo just around the corner (RIP), TiVO have recommended that their users check out this product and even more appealing is that Fetch are giving these users a discount if they upgrade to their system. And after using this device religiously for almost a month, I must admit that this device is all you need to access some ‘mighty’ TV content!

So at its core, the Fetch TV Mighty successfully combines free-to-air television, the internet and external media sources (e.g. files from an external USB or your network) to truly make this your central entertainment hub. For fans of free-to-air TV, this entertainment device also boasts the ability to record six different channels from three different networks so you’ll never miss a show of House Rules or Master Chef.

You have even have access to Pay TV that includes Netflix and Stan. So if you want to check out these two services, the Fetch TV Mighty makes it quite easy to access. With that said, there is a one-off activation fee for this product which just a dollar and the service even gives you access to three new movie rentals. The entertainment pack that Fetch offers boasts a variety of TV channels like the Disney Channel, National Geographic and Comedy Central.

In terms of design, The Fetch TV Mighty is a well designed entertainment hub that would not look out of place in any home or office. On the front of the unit are three LED’s for remote, internet plus standby & power. The IR sensor is also located just below these LED’s. On the back of the unit is the antenna port, SPDIF Jack Output (optical), HDMI Output, USB Input, Ethernet Cable Connection and Power Input. The 1TB HDD is also split into Videos on Demand (200GB), Recordings (731GB) which gives the user 931GB of space to record their favourite content.

Setting up the Mighty to your network is quite easy and thanks to the 802.11ac Wi-Fi, it makes this process even easier, especially if you don’t have access to Ethernet. In terms of setting up, it took around 5 minutes to setup the device and the majority of this time was the unit searching for free to air TV channels which was only 3 minutes.

The wizard is very easy and no matter what your technological skill is, you should have no issues whatsoever but if you do, Fetch have a great online support service. It’s basically connecting the antenna to the Mighty, connecting the included HDMI into the unit and your TV and then plug it into your power. That’s it!

When the Mighty is ready to go, the menu system is split into six areas that include MyStuff, Movies, TV, Apps, Manage and Account. Fetch should also be commended on creating such an easy to navigate system. So if we break down these menus, they include the following information;

  • MyStuff
    Recordings, Movies, TV Shows, My Media Hub
  • Movies
    Movie Store, Movie Box, By Genre, Cast & Crew
  • TV
    TV Guide, Top Shows, TV Store, Catch-up (e.g. Plus7, 9Now, Disney Channel, National Geographic)
  • Apps
  • Manage
  • Account

Once loaded we noticed that the Fetch TV Mighty is a very fast unit and whether we were swapping between free to air TV, accessing the apps or the net, it was very spontaneous which is something that you want in a PVR. The EPG (Electronic Program Guide) is also super quick and easy to navigate which makes for recording your favourite shows or searching the guide an easy process.

Furthermore, you can setup a ‘season’ pass (e.g. series tags) to record your favourite TV shows. Like other set top boxes, you can pause and rewind TV, provided the tuner is on the same station. The remote control that comes with the Mighty feels quite sturdy and has a decent design that is easy to use and once again, very responsive with no lag.

Furthermore, we enjoyed the ability to watch TV shows via our network and USB connection on the device which once again increases the scope of this PVR set-top box. Another favourite feature of the Mighty is the ability of accessing this product via your smartphone through the Fetch TV smarphone app. This easily allows you to control your device remotely and is probably easier to navigate than going directly to the Mighty itself.

Final Thoughts?

The Fetch TV Mighty is a super fast PVR that offers people some great content and access to paid TV services such as Stan. Add in the ability to rent movies online and the ability to access other media content from your network and this device ticks all the right boxes. So if you’re looking for a hybrid entertainment set-top box with all the bells and whistles, check out the Fetch TV Mighty and if you’re a TiVo owner, this products make the perfect replacement!

Highly Recommended!

Key Features

Heaps of storage
There’s space for up to 585 hours of SD recordings on the massive 1 terabyte hard drive, which means you can always have something recorded ready to watch.

Easily record whole series
You can use the Series Tag feature to automatically record every episode of your favourite shows. Then we save them in folders, and sort by series and episode number so they’re easy to find when you’re ready to watch.

Pause and rewind live TV
The pause and rewind feature means if you miss something you can simply stop, rewind and play it again.

7 Day TV guide
Use the on-screen TV guide to see what’s on now and over the next seven days.

TV and Movie Store
Choose to rent or buy^ over 6500 movies, including the latest releases and buy^ from over 100 popular TV Shows.

Entertainment Channels
You can choose to add an Entertainment Premium Channel starting at $6/month each. Add or remove whenever you want on a monthly basis.

Multiroom Support
Up to three boxes can be connected together – access your channels on any box with just one subscription, watch movies and TV shows on any box. Share recordings from Mighty or Gen 2 to Mighty, Gen 2 or Mini.

Subscription Video on Demand**
Netflix & Stan

Catch-Up TV on TV
PLUS7, TENplay, ABC iVIEW, SBS On Demand

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