Published on June 4th, 2015 | by admin

Fallout 4 Acquires Official Reveal

Following the expriration of Bethesda’s perplexing 50s styled clock, the publisher has officialy announced that  the hotly anticipated sequel to 2008’s highly regarded Action RPG, Fallout 4 will be making it’s debut on current generation consoles as well as PC in the near future.

Switcing between the idealistic world of tommorow and the desolate lands of post war Boston,  Fallout 4’s trailer showcases a wide array of the game’s barren locations, foul new enemies, and obliging new characters.

As well as this, a leak possessing a wide array of new details regarding the title has unintentionally  unveiled the game’s boxart, abolishing rumors that the title will be featured on last generation consoles

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