Published on August 30th, 2017 | by Tony Smith

EXYRA Eyewear Review

EXYRA Eyewear Review Tony Smith

Summary: EXYRA Eyewear provide some very stylish and useful protection for oue eyes, especially from blue light emitted by technological devices!


Stylish protection!

These very stylish glasses from EXYRA have been designed to protect your eyes… more specifically from harmful blue light that is produced from digital devices and the first sign that you’re being affected is eye strain. In essence, blue light is a high-energy wavelength of visible light and is emitted from a variety of technological sources like computer monitors, smartphones and florescent lights.

Additionally, when we look at a digital screen, our blink rate drops which causes eye strain and some of the symptoms include both dry and runny eyes that after a while can cause eye diseases such as macular degeneration. Other symptoms include headaches, fatigue, neck pain, back pain and blurred vision. Further studies have also indicated that by using digital devices at night, it suppresses your melatonin and delays deep REM sleep which can cause sleep problems. It’s also a higher risk for children whose eyes have not fully developed and as tech buff, I’ve actually experienced all these signs.

So what’s the solution?

The simplest solution is stop using technology all together, however this is not going to happen, especially as the average Australian household uses up to 6 different digital devices daily for 2 hours or more for work, school and pleasure. This is where the EXYRA Eyewear come into the ‘picture’ that is a crowd funded Australian start-up who have developed some very innovative lenses which blocks natural and artificial blue light from getting through to our retinas which is where the damage occurs.

EXYRA Eyewear come in a variety of very stylish frames with both prescription and non-prescription glasses available in order to prevent eye damage by reflecting the high energy blue light and enabling healthier blue-turquoise wavelengths. As a result, it will help in stopping all the problems associated with blue light and they even provide 100% UV++ protection which is great for outdoors. Furthering the design is the high quality build of the frames that elude a sense of sophistication and more importantly feel quite sturdy. The unit we tested were the black Florey frames (and yes, I feel like Clark Kent) but to my surprise, all my workmates think that these glasses suit me and when I inform them what EXYRA Eyewear are all about, it definitely becomes a light bulb moment for them.

Although I don’t wear subscription glasses, I’ve been testing the non-prescription lenses for the last couple of weeks and I must admit that some of the issues I have by using computers and smartphones all day have been greatly reduced. More importantly, those itchy and dry eyes are slowly becoming a thing of the past and given that my office is filled with florescent lights, the EXYRA Eyewear help in blocking this unnatural light. Another benefit I’ve found is that the glasses help in reduce glare and when looking at a monitor, the colours seem more natural with almost a ‘warmth’ to them.

As mentioned, the EXYRA Eyewear come in a variety of stylish frames and colours plus the non-prescription frame is just $98AUD or if you need the prescription glasses, they cost $150AUD which are the recommended retail prices that even includes free shipping.

Final Thoughts?

Optometrists and opthamologists have seen an increase in eye problems, not to mention GP’s and physiotherapists due to increase neck and back problems. These issues definitely stem from our reliance on modern technology and blue light is part of the problem. Thankfully we don’t have to give up our technological superior lifestyles as there are solutions to prevent long-term eye damage and one of these answers is the EXYRA Eyewear. Not only do they look impressive but they ensure healthy eyes and if you have experience any of these problems mentioned above, I suggest you check out some EXYRA Eyewear.

Key Benefits

  • Blocks harmful blue light from digital devices
  • Reduces eye fatigue and strain
  • Provides 100% UV++ protection
  • Reduces glare & improves visual contrast
  • Magnifies vision & enhances colour spectrum
  • Durable & scratch resistant
  • Stylish fashion accessory for him and her

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