Published on July 11th, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

Exoprimal™ Unveils Post-Launch Roadmap with New Game Mode, Monster Hunter™ Crossover, Exosuit Variants, and More!

Capcom suited up for the launch of Exoprimal™ with a special presentation sharing new details for the online team-based action game. Hosted by Director Takuro Hiraoka, the Exoprimal Showcase provided an early look at what’s in store for Exofighters when the wargames begin on July 14, 2023. The digital event featured a sneak peek at upcoming seasonal updates, which include a new mode, Alpha and Beta Exosuit variants, Monster Hunter™ and Street Fighter™ 6 crossovers, and more. Hiraoka also introduced the “Final Mission Selection” feature for the main mode, Dino Survival. This option offers a choice between player-versus-player (PvP), player-versus-environment (PvE), and random matches.

The Exoprimal Showcase and launch trailer can both be viewed via the Exoprimal YouTube channel. Additional Exoprimal assets are also available for download from the Capcom Press Center.

Final Mission Options

When Exoprimal launches later this week, Dino Survival mode will include a “Final Mission Selection” feature that offers players three matchmaking options: PvP, PvE, and random. In PvP games, two rival squads of Exofighters go head-to-head at the end of matches. This decides which team wins and who gets fed to the raptors! Meanwhile, PvE is all about speed. These missions generally do not involve direct PvP. Instead, the team to complete all objectives first will be granted permission to survive.

There is also a random option, which provides the adventurous with a small experience bonus. Exofighters are also free to change their preference settings and mix things up at any time.

Post-Launch Roadmap

Capcom is supporting Exoprimal with seasonal content updates that introduce major new features, and today’s showcase shared a taste of what fans will be sinking their teeth into over the next few months.

Season 1 commences alongside the game’s launch this Friday and will usher in a new game mode two weeks later, on July 28, 2023. Savage Gauntlet is a co-op experience that challenges teams of five players with late-game PvE missions that rotate weekly and can be replayed for higher rankings and rewards. Then, on Aug. 17, 2023, Exoprimal will roll out its first major title update, introducing 10 Alpha variant Exosuits to the roster all at once. These alternate designs feature completely different weapons from their standard counterparts, presenting new ways to enjoy both Dino Survival and Savage Gauntlet.

Season 2 kicks off in mid-October 2023 and will feature the next title update, which packs in the downright fierce Street Fighter 6 collaboration that was teased last month. Players can look forward to other additions too, including a new map and Final Mission, plus more rigs and modules.

In January 2024, Season 3 will see the armoury expand once again with Beta variant Exosuits. Alongside these shiny new sets of armour, this update will summon a new foe to battle, the Neo Triceratops. A collaboration is also in the works with the Monster Hunter series that will launch as part of Season 3.

Please stay tuned for additional information on these title updates and more in the future.

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