Published on March 31st, 2020 | by Adrian Gunning

ESO: Greymoor/Western Skyrim Prologue Quest, Free Play, ESO turns 6, and more this week!

Prepare yourself for a busy week in ZeniMax Online Studios’ award-winning online RPG The Elder Scrolls Online!

  • Get a taste of ESO’s upcoming Greymoor Chapter with the brand new Greymoor Story Trailer, which teases the main story and uncovers more details of the deathly plot that threatens to consume the Nord homeland.
  • Now, experience a bite-sized portion of the Greymoor Chapter by participating in the free Greymoor Prologue quest, available to all players from today, March 31!
    • This perilous journey takes players into the depths of Blackreach to confront the schemes of Skyrim’s nefarious Icereach Coven, and it progresses the Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline into the Greymoor Chapter. There are new collectible rewards up for grabs, too!
    • Once the Prologue is open, use the free Quest Starter, titled “Prologue Quest: The Coven Conspiracy”, from the in-game Crown Store. Players must then travel to the Fighter’s Guild in Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, or Vulkhel Guard (depending on their Alliance) and speak with fan favourite Lyris Titanborn to accept the first of two quests, titled “The Coven Conspiracy”.
  • Never played ESO? No problem! The ESO Free Play Event begins Thursday, 2nd April at 1:00AM AEDT (Wednesday, 1st April at 10:00AM EDT/3:00PM BST/4:00PM CEST), and will run through Monday, 13th April.
    • Yes, this also means anyone who downloads ESO will be able to play the Greymoor Prologue quest for free!
    • During this period, anyone on PC/Mac through the ESO Launcher, Xbox One (Xbox Live Gold required), and PlayStation 4 can download and play Base Game free and experience a world of adventure. Note: Steam’s Free Play Event will run from April 1-April 6. 
    • To participate in the Free Play Event, players can visit our Free Play page and select their platform. This event gives players access to the ESO base game, which includes four of the game’s original classes, 23 massive unique zones, and an epic main storyline.
  • If players want to continue their adventures in Tamriel beyond the Free Play event, look no further than our April Sale, which features steep discounts on the Base Game (up to 60% off), Elsweyr Chapter (up to 70% off), and Crown Packs (up to 40% off). The exact details are available here.
  • ESO turns six years old this week! That means players can enjoy bonus XP, special rewards, and cake during our Anniversary Jubilee event! The in-game event begins Friday, 3rd April at 1:00AM AEDT (Thursday, 2nd April at 10:00AM EDT/3:00PM BST/ 4:00PM CEST), and runs until midnight Wednesday, 15th April AEDT (Tuesday, 14th April at 10:00AM EDT/3PM BST/4PM CEST). All the juicy details are in the blog post:

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