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Experience the psychological horror of Housemarque and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s BAFTA Award-winning video game Returnal, now expanded and reimagined as a graphic novel presented by Dark Horse Comics: Returnal: Fallen Asteria. Fans craving more can also explore an all-new hardcover art book chronicling the development of the dark science-fiction, time-looping, roguelike bullet hell adventure shooter in The Art of Returnal. Both books are set to arrive in stores October 2024.

Returnal: Fallen Asteria

Created by the Housemarque Brand team with Gregory Louden, and Khalil Osaimi from Returnal’s Narrative team, featuring the stunning art of Igor Lomov and Aaron Järvinen, this graphic novel brings the mystery of Atropos to life.

“Returnal: Fallen Asteria is our bold extension of Returnal with a new story following Selene on Atropos from our team at Housemarque with Dark Horse Comics. This is a brilliant graphic novel you don’t want to miss that expands on our dark, deep and beautiful thriller, Returnal,” said Gregory Louden, Creative Director, Housemarque.

In a story intertwined with the PlayStation®5 (PS5®) and PC video game, Returnal: Fallen Asteria picks up with Selene Vassos, a lone ASTRA scout, sometime after their spaceship Helios crashes onto a hostile alien world, Atropos. Selene must fight for her life against horrific hostiles that live beyond every shadow and a trail of distorted memories. Mystery shrouds the world of Atropos, and Selene begins to wonder: will she find answers at the end of her journey, or is this nightmare inescapable?

The 88-page graphic novel Returnal: Fallen Asteria arrives in paperback (6.625″ x 10.1875″) on bookstore shelves on October 22, 2024, and comic shops on October 23, 2024. Pre-order at your local comic shop, bookstore, TFAW, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble for $19.99.

The Art of Returnal

In collaboration with Housemarque, Dark Horse Books present The Art of Returnal, a journey alongside Selene through a beautiful and dangerous world with art and anecdotes directly from the BAFTA-winning game developers.

When Selene Vassos crash-lands on a mysterious alien planet while in search of a cryptic signal, she’s made to face treacherous landscapes, hostile creatures, and a ceaseless time loop that returns her to the moment of her crash each time she would otherwise have died. This oversized volume collects concept art of the volatile biomes and terrifying enemies, as well as insightful commentary from the game’s creative team.

The 224-page The Art of Returnal arrives in oversized hardcover (11″ x 10″) on bookstore shelves on October 22, 2024, and comic shops on October 23, 2024. Pre-order at your local comic shop, bookstore, TFAW, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble for $49.99.

Praise for Returnal (the video game):

“…a relentless nightmare that’s a dream to play.” – Game Informer

“…one of Housemarque’s best games to date.” – IGN

“Intriguing Story” – GamesRadar+

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