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ErgoTune Supreme Review (2022)

ErgoTune Supreme Review (2022) Lisa Marie

Summary: The ErgoTune Supreme is pure back perfection with comfort and features that will make you love being at your desk or work or gaming!


Back perfection!

The ErgoTune Supreme is one of the most highly acclaimed office chairs on the planet and Impulse Gamer were given the chance to check out what all the excitement is about… and does it live up to the hype and the almost 5-star user reviews from thousands? Read on!

At its core, the ErgoTune Supreme merges ergonomics with comfort that has been designed for those users spending a long time at their desks and with the inclusion of ATLAS Lumbar Support, TrueTilt Precision Recline and a TriTune 3D Headrest, this chair not only ticks the right boxes in a desk (and gaming) chair but is easily one of the most comfort chairs that I’ve had the joy of using. Whether I was gaming or working from home, the ErgoTune Supreme head rest and lower back support were perfect. Additionally, I had no aches and pains after a long day at the desk and the chair is super comfortable on your back and bottom!

ErgoTune Supreme  Key Features

  • 11 adjustment points to fit your body comfortably
  • Fits a wide range of body types (150 – 190cm height, <150kg weight)
  • Built to last 12+ years (our engineers tested it)
  • DuraWeave™ hybrid mesh for breezy ventilation (perfect for Singaporean weather)
  • Easy to assemble (or add our assembly service at checkout)

The Build

ErgoTune ensures that your chair arrives safely that is not only well boxed but definitely has that premium feel, particularly from the quality of parts and easy to follow manuals plus a thought-out letter from director Joshua Chen. I also love the inclusion of a large poster pictograph that helps you put the chair together or alternatively you can scan the QR code on your smart device. However for the me, the poster was more than ample to help me build this chair and no additional tools were needed as ErgoTune give you everything that you need, including using the box as tool to support attaching the various pieces of the ErgoTune Supreme chair.

Unboxing and Setup Gallery


Building the chair is almost as 1-2-3… especially with the Hex Key!


Using the box ensures easy placement and more importantly, prevents damage to the chair.


Quality adjustment mechanics


While various pieces of the chair are heavy (due to the build quality), it is possible to put the ErgoTune Supreme together with just one person.


The five wheels of the base are quiet and fluid-like in movements when moving it on the floor.


Setup of the chair is split into base, chair/back rest and finally the adjustable headrest.


An additional feature is its GyroBrace 5D Armrest which not only allows you to adjust the height of the armrest but also swivel them to ensure it suits your current activity and of course comfort.

Another interesting aspect of the ErgoTune Supreme is that users can choose the fit of the gas lift options determined by your height which includes Petite: 140-160cm, Standard: 160-180cm (reviewed) and Tall: 180-210cm.

Aesthetically, the chair looks fantastic and comes in three different colours (Coral Red, Aqua Blue & Charcoal Black) with DuraWave Hybrid Mesh that offers breathable comfort and durable strength. As a result, it makes for an excellent office chair or gaming chair with its appearance.

Besides it overall design, the highlight of the ErgoTune Supreme is the ATLAS Lumbar Support that moves with your body’s movement to ensure better posture, comfort with no back discomfort, including possible injuries. This means that when you move your back, the chair will move accordingly, however will keep the lumbar support. And yes, you can recline quite a bit!

Final Gallery


You can also adjust the tension levels of the chair from light, medium and firm, depending on your preference.

Another great feature is the adjustable headrest that is perfect for watching movies from the chair for an almost cinematic experience.

The ErgoTune Supreme chair is one of the most comfortable chairs that I’ve used that boasts an easy installation with high quality parts. So whether you work in an office, work from home or need some gaming comfort for those long sessions, the ErgoTune Supreme is the chair for you! Lastly, the breathable DuraWeave feel like a pillow for your body and the mixture of mesh and upholstery ensures no sweating issues with this chair. In terms of cost, the chair retails for $950 and is currently on sale for $749AUD (August 2022).

Highly Recommended!

For more information, please visit https://au.northday.com/pages/ergotune

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