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Epson products win multiple 2021 Good Design Awards

Epson has won a 2021 Good Design Award for a total of eight products, five of which are sold in Australia and New Zealand. Good Design Awards are presented annually for designs that benefit and enrich our lives and society.

The first winners are the SureColor T7760D and SureColor P8560D Large-Format Inkjet Printers. These 44-inch LFPs are for CAD, photo and POP applications. Epson kept their depth within 500mm, making these printers ideal for printing and processing even in limited spaces, such as in the back of small shops. The sides and back are flat so that the units can be installed flush against walls. Moreover, their perfectly flat top and height make them useful as a worktable. The design is the same as that used for office printers so that they fit into their surroundings.

The judges said, “These large-format, 6-colour pigment ink inkjet printers support B0+ paper and have an exceptionally well-thought-out, polished design. Epson not only considered usability but also where and how they would be installed. The sides and top are flat, and most operations can be performed from the front. With all sides flat except the front, the printers can fit perfectly flush against the wall on three sides. This feature is apparent in the appearance of the products themselves. These printers can be placed back-to-back in the middle of a room to create an island that can be used as a worktable, thanks to the perfectly flat top. Some other interesting design ideas have also been implemented, such as an LED that is provided inside a black peephole in the center of the top so that you can see prints in progress.

Next on the winners list was the SureLab D1060 Commercial Photo Printer. This minilab printer is loaded with features required by professional photofinishing services. The box shape enables multiple units to fit neatly on shop counters. With a new duplex feeder, users can now perform double-sided cut printing in addition to roll paper printing as on the SL-D1060’s predecessor. The use of ink packs increased the amount of available ink by 25%1 and reduced the amount of space needed to store used ink by about 55%.1

The judges commented, “The printer is designed such that limited space can be used efficiently. In the vertical direction, the operation panel is tilted back at an angle so that it can be operated even when objects are stacked on the unit. In the horizontal direction, meanwhile, all maintenance tasks can be performed from the front so that there is no need to access the sides. The use of high-capacity ink packs reduces both labour and waste. It is apparent that this product was designed based on careful research and analysis of the usage environment.

Further winners were the SureColor R5000 and SureColor R5000L Resin Ink Printers. These resin-ink printers are for wallpaper and large sign production. These are the first printers in Epson’s SureColor series to use resin ink, which is compatible with a wide variety of media. The high-capacity ink packs reduce maintenance time and, when empty, take up 90% less storage space than used cartridges2. A wide window and LED lighting allow users to quickly check prints, and a resin exterior is used for the parts operated by people for their safety.

The Judges said, “This is a high-performance machine with a design that is well organised. The large viewing window, which is in the centre of the dark tone body and can be illuminated by a light inside the printer and the touch panel are inclined for both good visibility and operability. The quick-drying resin ink is water-based instead of organic solvent-based, and the high-capacity ink packs exhibit design excellence, offering high-level features, usability and environmental performance. With the ability to alternate between two packs of the same colour on the SC-R5000L, the ink packs can be hot swapped without interrupting printing. They also generate 50% less waste than cartridges.”

Another winner was the EH-LS300B Home Theatre Projector. The EH-LS300B is a home projector equipped with an ultra-short throw lens. With a picture up to 120 inches, a Yamaha 2.1-channel speaker system that provides excellent sound quality and integrated video content features, you can easily enjoy an immersive viewing experience simply by setting up the projector next to a wall. Epson designed this projector for use in a living room. The use of fabric to fit the texture of an interior space hints at the level of detail paid to the design.

The judges commented, “Here is an example of a home projector that is both elegantly styled and has great functional performance. The form of the device is quite minimal. Its simplicity belies the fact that this is a great short-throw projector that works to deliver a great image, large and clear under normal lighting conditions. The surfaces and textures are beautifully crafted, and the overall affect is a good, well-designed home product. To deliver good performance, this device is still relatively large, and it will be interesting to see in the future how the footprint or volume can be reduced to improve the design further.”

More on The Good Design Award

The Good Design Award, which began in 1957 as the Good Design Selection System (or G Mark System), is a leading design evaluation and commendation system. It has become world renowned, attracting a large number of entries from companies and groups around the world. Awards are presented annually as a way to promote quality of life and the use of design in solving social issues. The symbol of the award, the G Mark, is widely recognised as a symbol of excellence in design.

For more on the Good Design Award go to: http://www.g-mark.org/

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